August 22, 2016

Just Between Friends Sale Tulsa - ad

The good people at Just Between Friends-Tulsa (      Gave my sister and I passed to their presale on Saturday. My sister goes religiously to their sales. I hadn't been to one in quite a while because my kids are the size of grown people. I know!!

So, with my $50 gift certificate in hand and our presale passes, Rachel and I set about going to shop.

I really only had one thing that my niece requested: high heel shoes.

Should be easy enough ... Except ... There were a LOT to choose from. You know, a six year old considers pretty much anything that's not a flat to be a high heel, right? My sister, playing the part of momma and not aunt, had a much more practical list.

A few hours later, with my high heels and tap shoes in tow (what? Every kid who doesn't live with me needs tap shoes!), we walked out with the cutest clothes and accessories and books and games for my niece. Okay, fine, the games were for me.

So, how far does your dollar go? Well, we paid an average of $4.95 per tag. Pretty good deal, right? Wait ... It's better ... Probably half of our tags were multiple items: shirt and jeans, three pair of leggings, four tops! Amazing, right?

The Just Between Friends event runs this week at the Tulsa Expo Square. Grab your list and get your kiddos some awesome clothes at super prices!


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