February 13, 2017

Sponsored: I have new favorite leggings!

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting a personal stylist to pick out an outfit for me. This was really an interesting concept to me considering that I rarely even style myself. But, Kat Smith of Agnes & Dora  reached out and said she could hook me up with a crazy great new outfit. I explained that I was a fluffy, chunky girl, and she assured me that she could make me look great nonetheless.

Y'all? She was right.

She sent me a pair of phases of the moon leggings and a cute new coral top to go with it. I excitedly pulled out the outfit and immediately gasped for two reasons: First, it was a cute, cute outfit. Second, I wasn't sure it would fit.

I sucked it up and slipped on the top. It worked and it was my color (at least that's what all the cool kids say). But, the exciting part of the new outfit was this--I loved, as in L O V E D, the leggings. Seriously. You know when you shave your legs and then climb into a bed with fresh, clean sheets on and you feel like your whole body is silk-i-fied? Yeah, that. With these leggings. WOW! They are so comfy! Also, I am a tall girl with a 33 1/2 inch inseam. Most leggings don't stay around my ankles. These? They did! WOOT!

I slayed the look in front of my Valentine's Tree.

I immediately loved them and quickly put them at the top of my list of greatest clothes ever invented. Then ... I washed them. I hung them to dry as instructed and I wore them again the very next week--same! The next week--same! They maintain their awesomeness!

If you have a chance to check out Kat with Agnes & Dora, I hope you do. You will NOT be disappointed. I am certainly going to be checking out more leggings, for sure. Cute and comfy? Yes, please!


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