8 Best Ways to Implement Internet Safety for Kids

With a variety of Internet packages available to households, the Internet has become an easy place to access from anywhere at any time. Today’s kids start logging online from an early age. Although the Internet is a very resourceful tool, it’s swarming with dangers. The risks faced online range from falling for scams, being cyberbullied, to horrible encounters with sexual predators online. Internet safety starts with educating kids about the Internet, teaching them about the dangers that lurk in the online world, and how to stay safe.

Internet safety is important, not just for the kids, but for everyone. If scammers can get information from grown-ups, imagine how easy it could be for them to get sensitive information from kids. Keeping kids safe on the Internet should, therefore, be a priority for parents and guardians.

There are many ways to ensure kids are browsing the Internet safely. Here are eight best ways to implement Internet safety for kids:

1. Educate your kids on how to use the Internet safely

Teaching kids about safe internet use is an essential step in keeping them safe online. Explaining the dangers of the Internet will help them identify potential threats and stay away from them. Stranger danger is as real offline as it is online. Teach the children how to identify fake people and fake sites and stay away from such.

Make sure the kids are aware of the dangers of sharing personal information. Teach them to avoid sites that ask for such information. Teens and older kids using social media platforms need to be educated about the dangers of online predators.

It’s important they learn about the tactics used by predators and to report such immediately they encounter them. They also need to be taught to identify and stay away from cyberbullies, and to be courteous to other internet users.

2. Set limits of Internet usage

The Internet is vast. It contains plenty of entertainment in the form of cartoons and games and other things your child might find interesting. Left on their own, kids can spend all day online. As the wise saying goes, too much of anything is dangerous; the same applies to Internet usage.

Limiting the time kids spend online is vital to maintain a healthy balance in their daily activities. Besides, Internet overuse can lead to health-related problems such as eyesight issues and poor posture due to sitting or slouching all day. Setting limits teaches them to use the Internet responsibly.

3. Keep the computers in common areas

Avoid keeping the computer or laptops in the kids’ bedrooms. Having the computer in a common area will remind the child that they are being supervised, and anything they browse online is visible to everyone. This helps to keep them from browsing prohibited sites as anyone passing behind them can see what’s on the screen. You are also able to monitor the time they spend at the computer.

4. Monitor their online activities

Monitor your children’s online activities to be sure they are staying on the right side of the Internet. Their devices should not have passwords, and if there’s a need to have one, you, as the parent, or a guardian, should know it. The browsing history should be continuously monitored, the same as the app history. Of critical importance is to find out which social media platforms they use and approve or disapprove them.

5. Install an antivirus and anti-malware software

Antivirus software is a must-have on a computer. A good one will scan for viruses, malware, Trojans, and spyware. It will also prevent access to fake or scam websites. Phishing attempts can also be thwarted with good antivirus software. Kids can find themselves browsing links that seem harmless but which are actually scams. Having a good security software installed will protect them and prevent unauthorized access to the system.

6. Use a child-friendly search engine

There are child-friendly search engines that help kids stay safe online by blocking access to unsuitable sites and web addresses. These search engines are safer for kids than the standard search engines since they filter out unwanted content and are designed with kids in mind. ‘YouTube Kids’ is an example of such a site. You can download it as an app for mobile devices.

7. Use parental control software

Enforcing suitable parental control measures is essential too. There is software that prevents access to websites with offensive content. They also block access to pornographic sites. With the parental control software, you can limit what the kid’s user account has access to and manage their time quotas on the computer. You can also use this software to give the kids access to selected programs on the computer.

8. Use browser filters

Browsers come with settings that can filter access to specific websites and content on pages. You can set your browser to filter out nudity, profanity, inappropriate images and violence. You can also be specific about which websites you want to allow your kids to browse and block the rest. Some browsers also limit the amount of time your child can spend online.

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Your home is a place for you to relax. Whether it’s the bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen, this is your opportunity to make it your own. If you are painting your home and are looking for the most soothing paint colors, we want to highlight a few we find to be the coziest and which create the right ambiance.

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We love wearing cute shoes, and we love shopping for them as well. If you are wondering which type of shoes you should buy next, take a look at this list of 12 cute trendy shoes you need to own, and make your choice!

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8 Reverse Parking Tips for Driving Beginners

Reverse parking is unavoidable. Like everybody, you probably dislike the feeling of squeezing into a tight spot between two cars. Of course, reversing into a parking spot is much more complicated than driving forward. However, to avoid circling the block in search of perfect parking, you are better off learning the technique of reverse parking.

There will come a day where you will have to reverse park, and if you haven’t been practicing, you will have a hard time trying to fit in the spot. You need to master the art of reverse parking as it looks complicated, but in motion, it isn’t. If you are nervous with reverse parking on major and busy roads, try to practice in remote locations until you are comfortable with maneuvering your vehicle.

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Ballet is an intricate dance that features highly formalized and precise steps and gestures. First performed during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century, the dance was later transformed into a concert dance in France and Russia and has since progressed and developed, gaining popularity all over the world. Its vocabulary is based on French terminology.

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12 Wrapping Paper Alternatives and Substitutions

As wasteful as wrapping paper is, thankfully, there are many eco-friendly alternatives that produce less waste and which beautifully wrap any gift. Just looking around the house, you’re sure to find some of the wrapping paper alternatives on this list. Instead of going for the old newspaper, which can be rather ugly, here are some of the more unique possibilities available to you.

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9 Different Types of Dance for Kids

Every child needs a hobby or interest outside of school – they just can’t park themselves on the sofa and watch television or play video games, even though that’s we as adults do all the time! The piano and tennis, chess and the clarinet, gin rummy and reading – there’s plenty to do for kids these days.

But what about dancing? Dancing remains one of the most popular extracurricular activities today, and it has been for decades. Whether they want to be the next Baryshnikov or Cyd Charisse, your child can learn to dance to get exercise, stimulate their little gray cells, and meet new people.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Registered Education Savings Plans

Paying for college is becoming more difficult all the time, but fortunately there are now easy ways to save for your child’s education. A government-sponsored Registered Education Savings Plan (heritage RESP) allows you to start saving money for your children’s education as soon as they are born. The plans are simple to start and also reduce a lot of your stress in this area. Below are five of the main advantages of these types of savings plans.

1. There Are Choices in Investment Options
With a RESP, you can choose from among various types of investments, including mutual funds, GICs, and of course, stocks and bonds. This is similar to the rules for a TFSA or RRSP. Depending on the type of plan you choose, this means you can choose your investment options based on risk tolerance or even a certain objective. Above all else, it means you can feel more in control over your savings plan.

2. It Is an Extremely Easy Way to Save
With RESPs, you save money over time, and it is much less painful financially to do it this way. In addition, there is always the possibility that you could receive more government grants and money in other forms along the way, which means the amount of money you end up saving is likely to be bigger than you’d planned.

3. Government Grants Help Your Savings Efforts
Because of the way they are set up, RESPs come with the potential of getting various types of government grants that complement the money you’re already depositing into the account. This means that in addition to your own contributions, you also get “free” money from the government, which helps your savings account grow even faster throughout the years. Because of this, it is a good idea to continuously check the government websites in case any new opportunities for funding pop up along the way.

4. Anyone Can Contribute to the Plan
A Registered Heritage Education Savings Plan is set up so that anyone can add to the account. If you have a friend or family member who would like to make a donation to your RESP, they can do so. There are also group and family RESPs that you can create, allowing for many different ways to save for your child’s college education. You can easily donate to someone else’s account as well, because the accounts make it easy to donate to anyone you wish.

5. There Are Tax Advantages to Having a RESP
Finally, RESPs offer a great tax-free opportunity that can save you a lot of money at tax time. The money you contribute to the RESP is tax-free, and even though the money is taxable once it is being used, most students are in such low tax brackets that it won’t cost them much. The fact that the contributions are tax-free also allows for the money to build up a lot faster, so over time you’ll be surprised by the amount of money that is in your account.

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Nurse Dress Code: A Guide to Professional Attire for Nurses

If you search the term ‘nurse image’ on Google, the first image that pops up depicts a nurse wearing a white or blue uniform, a white lab coat and blue scrubs.

This immediately tells you there is a prescribed nurse dress code These colours may look unattractive and difficult to pull off, but guess what; there are ways to spice up your look while keeping to the set standards. Here are a few tips to help you follow the nurse dress code:

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