12 Fun Ideas for Summer Camp Activities & Games

12 Fun Ideas for Summer Camp Activities & Games

Keeping a group of boisterous kids entertained at summer camp is no easy task. The camp activities you choose to engage in with your child should be warm, exciting and full of fun. To achieve this, you must be deliberate.

Here are 12 fun ideas for summer camp activities & games that kids will love:

1. Nature Hunt

Summer is the best season to explore nature with children. They will be excited to observe and make note of bugs, flowers and birds. If you are not an insects fan, concentrate on the birds and flowers. Together with the children, assume the role of nature explorers.

2. Gardening Activities

Gardening activities are fun and educative. Research has shown they enhance a child’s self-esteem and reduce stress levels. Young kids learn by playing. Doing so by dirtying their hands, especially for something they will see a result, is amazing.

You can give the children a seed from a certain plant and show him how to sow it. Make it their responsibility, with your help, to take care of the seedling once it germinates. The children will be elated to watch his or her efforts turn into a healthy plant in the backyard.

3. Campfire Time

Nothing says summer camp like sitting around a campfire, singing songs, telling stories, and eating marshmallows! A campfire is an excellent place to build a child’s ability to communicate with peers as well as a place to wind down after a busy day. As the fire wanes, your child will calm down as they get ready to retire for the night.

4. Drama and Music Programs

This summer camp activity is all about having fun. The beauty of this activity is it requires the participation of every camper. Children will learn the virtues of teamwork and become a problem solver. Drama and music activities are extremely exciting and memorable.

5. Cooking Lessons

Children love to cook. You could use the summer camp to teach the child how to make their favourite food. Experience should not be a big deal. Your child will find many other first-timers. Summer camp cooking can be fun, educational and stress-free.

6. Painting

This is a fun idea for children to put most of his or her skills to use. They get to be part of a team. One team is assigned a certain colour and is pitched against another team featuring a different colour. As the children compete, they hone their abilities and prowess in different games. It is prudent to allow your child to participate in such activities alongside other kids. The spirit of teamwork exhibited helps your child to learn how to work with others and to value them.

7. Apprentice Counselor Training

If the child is older and interested in counselling, consider allowing him or her to participate in this summer camp activity. Here they receive training in basic counselling to prepare them for a career in counselling.

8. Spy Kids

If the child’s dream is to become a spy in the future, this activity will provide an opportunity to learn how to crack codes and attend high-level meetings devoid of the usual stress.

9. Stunts

Children, like many others, may have an affinity for risk-taking. You can channel that energy into an adrenaline pumping summer camp activity. Such activities include jumping, falling and performing stunts. It is, however, important to have a professional trainer on site before the child is allowed to perform these stunts.

10. Ice Cream Socializing

Since most kids love ice creams, a majority of summer camps start by distributing it to help the kids bond and socialize. If you are good at it, make some homemade ice creams, or buy some and invite kids from the neighbourhood to create a camp atmosphere. Trust me, you will love watching them as they eat together amidst chatter and laughter.

11. Water Games Olympics

This amazing aquatic game brings the summer camp experience to your home. To spice it up, invite the entire camp to participate. Using a sprinkler or a sponge ball, plan an afternoon with a basic water obstacle. Create a race competition that will require children to go through the water obstacle. As they pass, the water splashes on them, cooling their bodies. This is a highly enjoyable summer camp activity.

12. Table-Top Tournament

This is a perfect choice during rainy days. First, you will need to invest in a table tennis games kit. With you or other siblings and friends as an opponent, engage the child in a game of their choice, which has clear but not stringent rules. Be sure to make the ending joyful no matter the outcome. After all, it is supposed to be a fun activity; not some sort of do or die match.

A summer camp experience for your child should be a memorable one. The ideas for summer camp activities & games should be both educational and fun. What other suggestions do you have? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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