4 Reasons Why Portuguese Water Dogs Are Great Family Pets

4 Reasons Why Portuguese Water Dogs Are Great Family Pets

If you are looking to add a dog to your family, it is common to consider popular breeds such as Labradors or golden retrievers due to their beauty, friendliness, and fondness for children. While you cannot go wrong with these choices, for those that desire a dog breed that will be a great addition to their family and is unique, a Portuguese water dog would be a perfect fit.

Originally from the Portuguese region of Algarve, this breed is characterized by black shaggy hair and its webbed toes that make them powerful swimmers. Below are just some of the reasons why the Portuguese water dog would be an amazing addition to your family.

1. No shedding

People often search for a hypoallergenic dog or one that does not shed however a dog with either of these traits sadly does not exist. The best that you can do is get a dog that sheds less than others and this can definitely be said about a Portuguese water dog. This breed of dog is single-coated meaning they have no undercoat.

Since all dogs shed from their undercoat, the only hair that a Portuguese water dog will shed will be minimal amount from its outer coat. Although the breed cannot be considered hypoallergenic, those with allergies can definitely tolerate it significantly better than other breeds due to the little shedding that occurs.

2. Easy to train

If your choice to get a Portuguese water puppy or an adult that is disobedient, training the new addition to the family will need to be considered. Puppies of most breeds are energetic and can wreak havoc on a home and Portuguese water dogs are no different. They often tend to jump up on visitors and snoop around on countertops when food is present.

While it may take you some time to train your Portuguese water dog properly, the good news is this breed is known to be smart and has proven its ability to learn a lot faster than other breeds. This type of dog can remember the names of items if prompted by their owners and is excited and enthusiastic during the training process as it aims to please and wants to try new things.

3. Unique

A Portuguese water dog is an appealing option because they offer interesting and appealing traits that breeds such as Labradors, retrievers, and hounds cannot offer. Whether you are at the beach, a pool, or just running through a sprinkler at home, Portuguese water dogs will be in their element and this gives them an opportunity to cool off which is important with their shaggier fur.

As mentioned, they have webbed toes designed for the water, an interesting and unique trait that not all dogs have. Portuguese water dog have a multi-octave voice, making their bark distinctive with yodels, sighs, and sounds that resemble laughter depending on the occasion.

In their repertoire of sounds that they make is also a loud, intimidating bark that makes them ideal for people that want to protect their home but do not want to consider larger, more erratic breeds such as pit bulls, Dobermans, or shepherds.

4. Good temperament

Certainly when you are considering a family dog, a good temperament is crucial. You do not want a breed that is hostile towards guests and impatient and rough with children. Once trained, the Portuguese water dog is friendly with everyone they come across and great with youngsters. They enjoy physical stimulation which will encourage you to get the daily exercise that you require as well. When in public, this breed usually tends to stay close to their owner, removing the possibility of you losing your cherished dog.


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