4 Recycling Initiatives to Introduce to Your Company

4 Recycling Initiatives to Introduce to Your Company

As a company you want to be eco-friendly and recognized for taking initiative to do your part for the environment and one of the best and easiest ways to achieve this is by recycling. While you cannot force your staff to recycle all suitable materials, you can make it easier by purchasing recycling stations and setting them up throughout the workplace.

Recycling stations look like garbage bins but are divided into streams according to material that can be recycled. Below are benefits to using recycling stations and reasons why you should consider them for your company.

1. Variety

Recycling is important to your company but you do not want your bins to stick out like sore thumbs. The good news is, recycling stations can be purchased to match any workplace. The stations can be made of wood, plastic, stainless steel, or fiberglass, maximizing the chances of it going well with your office no matter what your setup is.

Company logos can also be added to the outside of the recycling stations, giving them a personal touch and an opportunity to promote your company especially on ones that will be accessible to the public. Whether you want to put them in a lobby, lunch room, conference room, individual office, or outdoors on the premises, recycling stations are offered in all shapes, sizes, and materials, guaranteeing you find one that meets your needs.

2. Sorting

Recycling stations come with streams anywhere from one to four in number, meaning that as long as staff members are mindful of what material goes where, everything will be sorted. This is important because recycling facilities want materials to be sorted to make their jobs easier and if they are not when they are picked up at your company, they may not accept them.

Recycling stations often feature helpful signage to show people which materials go into what stream, ensuring that people are aware of what materials can be recycled and everything goes in its correct place.

3. Capacity

Many materials can be recycled including metal, plastic, cardboard, glass, and paper. As a result, materials can add up especially in an office with a large amount of employees who all recycle. Therefore, you want a designated area that is capable of handling large volumes of materials to be recycled and recycling stations can definitely meet this need.

Depending on the size of the recycling station you choose, they are capable of sustaining large amount of materials separated into individual bags divided by stream. When full, these bags can be easily accessed by popping off the station lid, lifting out the full bag, and replacing it with a new one. Recycling stations can also come equipped with wheels, allowing maintenance staff to conveniently roll it outside or into another area to be emptied, minimizing disruption to business operations.

4. Can increase recycling

Recycling stations can definitely increase the amount of recycled materials. By setting them up strategically around your office, recycling stations will be just as common as garbage cans and as a result people will choose to recycle instead of throwing items in the trash.

While recycling is a common practice, the reality is a lot of people still do not know what materials can be recycled and what should be destined for the trash and if they are not sure they usually choose to throw things in the garbage. The signage that accompanies recycling stations inform people of what can be recycled and what material goes where. This will educate people and more often than not they will choose to recycle suitable materials if they no for sure they can be recycled.


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