4 Ways to Prepare for Meeting a Lawyer

4 Ways to Prepare for Meeting a Lawyer

Employment lawyers can help in so many different ways. There may be a workplace dispute that may never get resolved unless you seek the help of such a lawyer. After all, they specialize in an employee’s legal rights as well as any human rights issues that may be related to your job.

However, don’t think you can just sit back and let them handle everything. The lawyer is going to fight your cause for you but in order to do so, they will need to have the ammunition. That means you need to provide them with all the relevant and best information in order that they can help you. Here is some information on getting the most from meeting an employment lawyer.

1. Organize All Your Facts

If you are about to meet with your employment lawyer for the first time, make sure to gather all the facts and organize everything as accurately as possible. What happened? What was said and by whom? What happened after an incident? Where did it take place? Get all the facts and only the facts. It does not matter what you think. This is not about opinions; it’s all about facts only. Try to gather your thoughts and if possible, organize them in a chronological fashion, as this can really help.

2. Do You Have Evidence? Bring It

If you have any evidence, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is, make sure to bring it. Lawyers thrive on evidence. If you have any documents, emails, texts, phone messages or anything else, bring that with you when you meet with the lawyer. If you happen to have an eyewitness account, this is incredibly powerful. If you have any documentation which can show that the employer is at fault, show it to the lawyer at the very first meeting.

However, the lawyer will know what can be used and what can’t upon reviewing this evidence. You may even be asked to bring other evidence. However, if more evidence needs to be brought, you must obtain it legally, otherwise your case will be undermined and you could get into trouble. So, if you know your employer keeps certain documents in the car that can incriminate them but you obtained it by smashing the window, this will be of no use.

3. Limit Unnecessary Talk

Try to talk about relevant things only. Time will fly as you both discuss the case. It is expensive and you will be charged by the hour. Even if it is free, there is still a time limit. Keep explanations from being too long-winded. Don’t talk about anything unrelated. If you see a photo of your lawyer shaking hands with Wayne Gretzky on the wall, as much as you want to bring that up, refrain from doing so.

4. Tell The Truth

You will be asked questions for which you need to give proper details. This means telling the truth and admitting if you were partially to blame. Don’t hide anything. Your lawyer will be able to determine what is important and what isn’t.

Before you meet the lawyer though, ask about pricing and how that works. Make sure to ask questions because now is the time to get a clearer picture. Feel free to ask about your chances, though it is important that the lawyer should not guarantee anything. Give them all the help you can so that in return, you will receive the best help.


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