5 Activities to Teach Your Children About Charity

5 Activities to Teach Your Children About Charity

In between work, household chores, family, and friends, charity, can be the last thing on your mind. However, raising your child to be sensitive to others, is an important trait to have to become a well-rounded adult.

Raising your children to be charitable individuals, doesn’t have to be boring, or tedious. Which is why, we’ve listed some simple ideas all parents can do, to teach their kids about the importance of charity.

1. Donate Goods

Children’s charities are a great way to teach your kids the importance of giving, while having them do hands on work! Children will be able to physically see the difference they are making.  Rather than clearing out their unused clothes, or toys yourself, get your children involved in the process. Turn this into an afternoon activity with your child, by cleaning out their closet and bins, and having them help make a ‘donation’ pile. That way, they can feel proud when the pile grows, and know that that they too, are making a difference.

2.  Unexpected Gestures

This doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it sounds! Simply baking a batch of cookies for your postal worker, elderly neighbour, or landscaper is a small gesture that goes a long way. Doing these simple acts, as a gesture of thanks, is a good way to teach children the importance of giving back.

3. Deliver Some Good

Involve your children in making, and delivering, a care package for someone in need. Make it simple for them, by giving them a choice of 3 families, or individuals that could use it. You can get this information by approaching your child’s school, or church, and asking if there is anyone in need. Then, with your child, go to purchase items for the basket. Encourage them to pick out the items, packing it with you, and deliver it together.

4. Change Jar

Create a change jar in the family home, and have your children distribute to the jar when allowances are given out. It is important to teach them humility, and that even a little bit of change, can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Once the year comes to a close, and the jar is full, decide as a family how to spend the money. For example, donate the funds to an animal hospital or use the money to purchase hats and gloves for the needy.

5. Keep it Consistent

When your children are a little older, it is important to have them regularly help out in the community. This is to show them, the importance of giving back, and give them first-hand experience of how their actions, can impact the world. Activities such as: cutting the grass for an elderly neighbour, or offering help shoveling driveway’s in the winter. These simple tasks can instill lifelong lessons, such as a greater sense of humility, that they otherwise wouldn’t have.


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