5 Design Ideas to Help You Create a Mascot Costume

5 Design Ideas to Help You Create a Mascot Costume

Mascots are excellent promotional resources for your company. Mascots work to facilitate your company’s relationship with the community and to get crowds engaged and excited at various events. Generic mascots are easily forgotten, so it’s important to put a little extra effort into the design process. Here are four different tips that will help you design a mascot costume!

1. Take Your Time With The Design Process

Creating a mascot costume may seem simple, but it easily gets overwhelming. There are a ton of decisions to be made regarding materials, designs and different features to include in the costume. In order to make the process easy and straightforward, start by making a list of requirements. Your requirements will stem from where you’ll be using the costume. For example, a baseball mascot costume will need more range of motion and airflow than a mascot for an indoor event. Quality mascot design companies will give you a wide range of options to kick start the planning process. Remember that a mascot costume is a long-term investment, so it’s worth your time and money to put some extra effort into the design process.

2. Thoroughly Research Mascot Design Companies Before Choosing One

Before diving head first into any agreements, make sure you inspect the mascot design company. Look for basic things such as reviews, references and any examples of past work. It’s also a good idea to meet with the company and get an understanding of how they approach the mascot designing process. If this is your first time defining a mascot outfit, then you want to work with a company who will be able to guide you through the process and make suggestions. Good customer service from the mascot design company is crucial to making the process faster and helping you save money. 

3. Design With Comfort In Mind

Your mascot needs to be comfortable inside the costume. If you’re a local baseball team, then you need to pay attention to making the custom comfortable for hot summer days. Uncomfortable costumes make mascotting a difficult and sometimes miserable task. While designing the costume, make sure to add plenty of features that allow for air circulation. If your mascot is working in the winter, then you need to design the costume to be snug and keep heat in. You can also add waterproofing and other weather based features to ensure your mascot is in action 24/7. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Extra Money On Durability

Durability is a major factor for quality mascot costumes. The materials and kind of stitch used will determine the quality and durability of the outfit. The outfit should have a high-quality appearance from the outside, and you should be able to notice the durability while wearing the costume. Spending extra on durability during the design process saves you from spending money on repairs after you begin using the costume.

5. Pay Attention To Giving Your Mascot Free Range Of Motion

Whoever is going to be wearing your newly designed costume needs to be able to move around freely. Free range of motion helps to keep your mascot safe while making it easy for them to entertain. Your mascot should be able to run, jump and dance safely while in the costume. You should also design the costume in a way where it’s easy for your mascot to see. Many accidents with mascots occur due to limited visibility and limited range of motion. These are two safety factors you can easily address while designing your mascot’s outfit.

All in all, the mascot design process is more important than you may think. Your mascot’s outfit has an impact on how your company is perceived and influences your relationship with your community. Remember to pay attention to things like safety and visibility when designing your costume.


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