5 Guidelines for How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Child

5 Guidelines for How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Child

Few things are a more well-recognized part of childhood than summer camp. So many of us experienced summer camp, with all of the highs and lows that it can bring as a child. It’s important to remember and acknowledge those lows as well as the highs when looking into choosing a camp for your own child. After all, you remember not only the things that might have made camp a positive experience for you, but likewise those which may have unfortunately been less than enjoyable, as well. As such, you have valuable firsthand experience that can be used to help avoid the same pitfalls when you are exploring how to choose a summer camp for your child.

1. Know Their Interests

The first step on how to choose a summer camp for your child is to take their interests to heart. Your child’s needs is one of the most important things to take into consideration   You hardly want to send them to a camp that is boring or otherwise at odds with the things in which they are interested. Not only will that make for a miserable time for them, but they more than likely won’t engage with the experience that much, which in turn will simply make it a case of wasted money on your part.

As such, think about what your child enjoys doing. Do they like playing sports? Writing stories or drawing pictures? Exploring different scientific principles? There are a huge number of niche summer camps out there, so once you have a clearer idea as to what your child’s interests are, you’ll have a better chance of choosing a camp that’s right for them.

2. Consider Their Future

In addition to what they enjoy today, you’ll also want to consider where you want children to be tomorrow. Certain camps can offer your child huge advantages going forward. For example, some camps that feature a scientific component can really help children develop their knowledge of a given field. As such, if your child is a young science lover, these camps can be a win-win in terms of the fun factor for your kid, as well as the positive impact that they can have upon their future.

3. Consider the Distance

You’ll also want to be sure to keep in mind some of the logistical and practical questions of camp life, as well. For example, you’re going to want to know just how far any given camp is from your home, and what the easiest way to get there might be, in the event that you have to do so. You never want to think about a worst-case scenario, but you always want to be prepared for it. If you have to suddenly race out and retrieve your child from camp in the wake of an accident, chances are that you’re not going to want to have to drive the length of Canada in order to do so.

4. Indoor vs. Outdoor Activities

Another thing to consider when choosing from different camp ideas is the question of indoor vs. outdoor activities. Both of these are a staple of summer camps, and finding the right balance can be key to ensuring that you find a camp that your child will enjoy. As such, you’ll want to be sure to choose a camp that offers a balance that will suit your child. After all, different children have different attitudes towards the great outdoors – some can’t get enough of it, and others would much prefer to stay inside and enjoy indoor activities. The best camps often offer a blend of indoor and outdoor activities, so take the time to review their itinerary.

5. Review the Camp’s Reputation

What’s more, you’ll want to take the time to review the camp at large. You want to make sure that any summer camp to which you plan on sending your child has a good reputation. You will feel confident sending your child to a good summer camp like Camp White Pine. Check around online, and see what other people are saying about the camp. If it is part of a chain of camps, see what kind of reputation the chain as a whole has online.

All of this and more can help empower parents to make a great choice when it comes time to send their kids off to camp.


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