5 Tips to Clean Your Windshield in Winter

5 Tips to Clean Your Windshield in Winter

Yes, winter has arrived, and you know what means: the inability to see through your windshield. Old Man Winter always makes your commute that much more difficult. Whether it is the icy roads or impacting your windshield, the winter weather constantly makes life harder. Can’t we just have six more months of summer? Is that too much to task? Please?

Of course, having your vision impaired when you’re driving because your windshield is obstructed is no laughing matter. It can lead to a serious auto accident and potential injuries.

What can you do? It’s simple make your windshield clean with a liquid de-icer formula.

Here are five tips for clearing your windshield with a liquid de-icer:

1. Start Your Car & Let it Warm up

A simple technique that millions of motorists use is starting the car and letting it warm up.

We are admitting to you now: this won’t completely eradicate the ice, but it is a great first step when you’re trying to clear the ice off of your windshield with a liquid de-icer.

2. Mix Water and Salt in a Solution

Do you have an empty spray bottle? Great! Grab that spray bottle, fill it up with warm water. Once that is done, find your salt and add a few tablespoons worth into that spray bottle. Finally, shake it and then start to spray the windshield with this liquid solution.

Here is an important piece of advice: try to avoid table salt (it won’t do much except season your windshield) and attempt to utilize road salt.

3. Integrate Alcohol and Water in a Solution

If that hasn’t worked then you can always attempt plan B: an alcohol and water solution.

Similar to the previous suggestion, you need an empty spray bottle and then fill it with warm water. Instead of the table salt or road salt, you pour in an alcohol solution and then shake the bottle. Once it has been mixed, you should spray liberally the windshield.

Also, you can always try to substitute the alcohol or salt with a few drops of dish soap.

4. Purchase a Professional Liquid De-Icer

Of course, if none of these homemade solutions are satisfying your desire for a clear windshield, then you only have one option left: purchase a professional liquid de-icer.

Yes, we sympathize that you have a tight budget, but to avoid the hassle of mixing solutions or getting frustrated that your Frankensteins aren’t successful, it is the best choice to make in the end. It won’t cost you too much, and it will certainly last you several winters.

5. Spray an Ice Prevention Product

To complement your homemade sprays or your professional liquid de-icing product, you should also have in your vehicle an ice prevention product.

If you know temperatures are going to plummet tomorrow or there is going to be a massive snowstorm in the next couple of days, then all you are required to do is spray the windshield with this prevention item and go on with your day. Two sprays are indeed better than one.

It is really annoying and frustrating when you find your windshield, either in the morning or in the evening, is covered in ice. You need to scrape and scrape…and scrape. And who wants to do this when you’ve just woken up or you want to head home and eat dinner?

Thankfully, a liquid de-icer is the answer to your prayers. A small amount of spray can ensure that you can drive home without an obstructed view, and you don’t need to apply elbow grease when it is -23 degrees Celsius at 6 a.m. or 5 p.m.


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