5 Traits You’ll Love About Your Portuguese Water Dog

5 Traits You’ll Love About Your Portuguese Water Dog

If you are looking for a pet for your home, a Portuguese water dog puppy is a winning choice with numerous positive traits. Portuguese water puppies make great pets, because they are playful and a joy to be around.

Portuguese water dogs are very intelligent and get their name from their history of being very useful on fishing trips in the past. They would be used to go and pick up any fishing equipment in what must have been the most useful game of fetch ever played.

Below are five Portuguese water dogs traits that best define this dog breed:

1. Portuguese water dogs are no slouch

Because of their active heritage, Portuguese water dogs are fun loving and active. They make great family pets and are very affectionate. You will be able to enjoy many hours playing with your Portuguese water puppy as you keep each other active.

2. Portuguese water dogs are smart as a whip

This is not always a compliment when it comes to dogs. Whilst being intelligent is a good trait in a dog, it can also make them willful. That’s what makes having them as a puppy so great, you’ll be able to train them to know their boundaries and establish authority early on. Their willfulness is not born out of any aggression, far from it. They simply think that they have all the answers, they will soon learn that you know what is best for them and that will form the backbone of your relationship.

3. Portuguese water dogs are going to love you… no really!

One of the most prominent Portuguese water dog traits is their affectionate demeanour. Portuguese water puppies are known for loving their owners a great deal. You will not be looking for affection when you have your very own Portuguese water puppy as a member of the family. As they quickly decide that they are a member of your family then they will want to be a part of everything that you do. Do get ready for some fun dog filled activities with the whole family.

4. Portuguese water dogs have the obedience trait

The obedience trait is common among Portuguese water dogs. It is always recommended that you take the time to take your Portuguese water puppy to obedience school, so that they are fully trained and know that you are the master. This is true of any breed. You also want to socialize them by exposing them to other dogs early on in their life. This will be very worth it as they will be much more relaxed among other dogs for years to come.

5. Portuguese water dogs love grooming

Your lovable and affectionate Portuguese water puppy will have a beautiful long wavy coat full of curls. Combing the hair every other day is recommended to help prevent the hair from matting. You will also need to make sure that their hair is trimmed often. Washing them a few times a year is perfect. Just remember that these are water dogs, their coat will repel water so make sure you get right in there.

Portuguese water dog puppies need lots of love and attention, they make absolutely wonderful companions and you will not be sorry that you have added one to your family. They love chew toys, so make sure that you have a plentiful stock to keep them occupied so that they don’t go looking for any delicious looking furniture or shoes to snack on. As with any dog, you should make sure that you feed them a nutritious diet and give them plenty of water. You will not regret having a Portuguese water puppy in your life as they are as charming as they are beautiful.


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