5 Urban Myths About DNA Tests

5 Urban Myths About DNA Tests

Taking a DNA test can reveal so much about a person or their family. There can be so many interesting and intriguing revelations. However, it is a very complex and specialized world. Not everyone understands about DNA. Superficial knowledge is one thing, but to get the right results, you will need the help of an expert. There are indeed many myths surrounding DNA tests. This is not surprising, since it is a very complicated and misunderstood field. Let’s take a closer look at some of these myths.

1. I Know My Results Because My Sibling Took The Test

This is one of those myths that seem to persist. This is why the subject of DNA testing can cause much confusion among the rest of us mere mortals. This belief is untrue. One may logically think that because their brother or sister took the test, they do not need to, since the results are already known and would be the same thing.

Remember that half of a person’s DNA comes from one parent and half comes from the other. Only identical twins will share the same DNA. So, for example, if your sister took the test, she may show French ancestry in her results. Yet, despite having the same parents, your test results may not show any French .

2. Only A Blood Sample Will Work

Another myth that needs to be dispelled. While it may be true that blood will yield results, you do not need to give blood for a DNA test. So, people who are afraid of needles or giving blood can relax. If this is the reason holding you back from doing a test, fear not. All that is required is a sample of your saliva. In fact, you can do this by yourself as it is really simple to do. Just be glad you don’t have to test it. That’s the tricky part.

3. I Know My Family History. A Test Won’t Surprise Me

Sometimes, a member of your family may be the resident historian. This person may know a lot about the history of their family. They may think that by taking a DNA test, there will not be any surprises. This is not necessarily true at all. Sometimes, they may have gathered information that may even go back several hundred years. There have been many instances when they were indeed shocked to find that there was some Asian (or something else) in their family. So, there could still be a surprise.

4. Results Can Be Inaccurate

While you may conduct the initial part of the test in your own home, the test is indeed accurate. If you follow instructions, the test itself is done in a laboratory setting. You will have a complete picture of your ancestry.

5. Only Men Can Take A DNA Test

It is true that only men can take a Y-chromosome test, but both sexes do inherit mitochondrial DNA. A woman can take a test to find out about her maternal line. This same woman can get a direct male family member to do a Y-chromosome DNA test.

Even if you wanted to test a great-grandfather’s DNA but ended up being disappointed because he died 20 years ago, don’t worry. The important part of his DNA has already been passed to you. So anything is possible. You never know what you can expect. DNA testing kits are not very expensive. You can easily perform the test at home by following simple instructions. You never know what you might find!


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