6 White Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Look Gorgeous

6 White Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Look Gorgeous

A white bedroom looks calm and peaceful, and it makes it easier to relax and to start every new day on the right foot. Painting the walls of your bedroom white, or keeping them white if they already are, is also an easy way to make the room appear larger than it really is.

Some people might think that a white bedroom would be boring, but the truth is that a white room is like a blank canvas, waiting for a beautiful decor to make it come alive. These white bedroom furniture ideas will help you find some inspiration to complete your bedroom decoration.

1. Choose the right style

When the time comes to furnish your white bedroom, you can either use the furniture you already own, paint it or dye it a different colour, or purchase new furniture. The furniture you choose will determine the style of your bedroom, so be sure to find unique and beautiful pieces that match your tastes, and allow for both comfort and functionality.

With the right furniture and a few well chosen accessories, your room can have a classic, rustic, shabby chic, or romantic style.

2. Choose a modern style

White is also perfect to decorate a modern style bedroom with a minimalistic design. With clean white walls and sleek, simple and elegant furniture, there are many white bedroom furniture ideas to turn your room into a sophisticated relaxation haven.

It’s perfectly possible to purchase a few modern pieces of furniture, and to place them next to more traditional ones to create an electic mix that will reflect your personality. Keep in mind your white bedroom is a blank canvas, and you are the artist who chooses the furniture and accessories you want to add to it.

3. Choose all white furniture

Deciding which style of furniture you prefer is only the first step. You also have to decide if you want all your furniture to be white, or if you want furniture in a colour or a few colours that will look fantastic placed in front of a white wall.

There is also the option of painting your walls the colour of your choice, and purchasing white furniture to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your bedroom.

4. Add a few splashes of colour

Adding a few splashes of colour to your white bedroom furniture ideas can keep it from looking bland and impersonal. If you are not sure you can achieve a great result with using only white furniture and accessories, add one or two colours that you like.

White can work well with any colour, but since you are decorating a bedroom, you should choose a relaxing colour such as pale blue, grey, or pale green to complement your white theme. If you want to add a dynamic touch to your room, however, you can opt for a more vibrant colour such as purple, orange, or fuschia pink.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to integrate a touch of colour to your white bedroom. You could paint an accent wall, purchase colourful furniture, or add a few throw cushions, a blanket, curtains, and an area rug to effectively transform the space.

5. Go for a dramatic black and white decor

If you enjoy dramatic contrasts, why not go for a black and white decor? These two colours complement each other perfectly, but they can be used to create a bold look that isn’t for everyone.

For a less dramatic result, you could simply add a few black accents to your white bedroom, instead of trying to find the ideal balance between the two colours. You can also mix and match between new furniture and used furniture in different tones of colour.

6. Add some textures or patterns

If you want a white bedroom with white furniture, and no splash of colour, you can make your decor extremely interesting with textures or patterns. A few textured pillows, a chunky wool blanket or bedspread, or a shaggy carpet will easily compensate for the absence of colour in the room.

A pattern that repeats itself through the room will help your decor look more coherent and pleasant to the eye. If you do want to add a touch of colour to your white bedroom, a few colourful patterns on your accessories will look great, as long as they are united by either a colour or a shape.

7. Add a few metallic accents

Finally, a few metallic accents could add the final touch to a beautiful white bedroom. Silver, gold, or bronze accents can make a simple statement of elegance and luxury, without being overwhelming.

You could look for a few metallic accessories, like a picture frame or a beautiful clock, or purchase white furniture with metallic handles and hardware. If you are interested in metallic accents, choose one metallic colour instead of trying to add them all to the same bedroom.


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