7 Best Dog-Friendly Activities to Do Outside

7 Best Dog-Friendly Activities to Do Outside

Running out of things to do with your dog? Going for walks and to the dog park can get old after a while. Check out these 7 dog friendly activities you can do with your best friend!

1. Sledding And Skating

 Most winter activities tend to be very pet-friendly. Most places that offer sledding or tube rides allow pets to ride free with their owners. Going up and down the hill is a great way to keep your dog healthy and in shape during long winter months. Outdoor skating is also great since it’s basically a walk for your dog. Most places require you to keep your dog on your leash during outdoor activities.

If you have a large dog, you can even get him/her to pull you while on your sled. Make sure they aren’t pulling a large amount of weight that they can’t handle. Also, get your dog to wear a harness if you’re going to have them pulling a sled. If your dog is just wearing a collar, they can injure themselves while trying to pull.

2. Swimming

Taking your dog to the beach can be one of the best dog-friendly activities for the outdoors. Double-check that the beaches in your area are dog-friendly and whether or not you need a leash. Places with natural sand bars are ideal for having your dog frolic in the water without venturing too far out. Make sure you know whether or not your dog can swim before letting them in the water.

Certain breeds that have dense muscles or that are evenly proportioned in the front and back may struggle to stay afloat in the water. It’s also a good idea to invest in a life jacket for your dog. Make sure you aren’t letting your dog swim in unfamiliar waters where they may come in contact with snakes and other animals.

3. Hiking

Hiking is another fun activity you can undertake with your dog. Depending on where you go, you may be able to let your dog roam off-leash. Just as with swimming, make sure you are familiar with the area to reduce the chances of your dog making contact with other animals. Remember to bring lunch for yourself and treats for your dog.

Hiking is a great change of scenery compared to daily walks in the same area. If you let your dog off-leash, make sure you have some way of locating them such as an identification tag or microchip. It’s also worth bringing a canine first aid kit in case of splinters or other minor injuries.

4. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding with your dog is fun, easy, and requires minimal preparation. If you haven’t gone paddleboarding before, it’s a good idea to go alone to get used to balancing the boat before bringing your dog with you.

All your dog needs are basic obedience skills such as “sit” and “stay,” which will allow you to stabilize the boat before getting your dog to hop in. Make sure you choose a board that’s large and stable enough for both you and your dog. If you find it hard to maintain your balance, try kneeling or sitting instead of standing up.

5. Visit The Famer’s Market

Another fun daytime activity you can do with your dog is exploring the farmers market. Farmers markets are full of fresh produce, unique baked goods, and eccentric crafts that are usually unique to your local area.

You’ll have to keep your dog on a leash at the farmers market, but it’s still an excellent way to get some exercise without having to stick to your regular walking path, which can get boring after a while. You can kill two birds with one stone and get some shopping done while you take your dog for their daily walk.

6. Take A Class

Taking a class is one of the best dog-friendly activities you can participate in. The more skilled and obedient your dog is, the more activities you’ll be able to do with them. Agility and obedience training are well worth your time if you want to increase what you can do with your dog.

Focus on basic obedience skills if you have a young dog or if you’re struggling to get them to listen to you in public. Some dog breeds like the Golden Retrievers are particularly fast learners, so they may pick up the new skills in just a few lessons.

7. Create Social Opportunities For Your Dog

Putting your dog in situations where they have to socialize is another important skill for them to develop. This is an example of another activity that will increase what you can do with your dog. The earlier you get your dog socializing with people and other animals, the more friendly and calm they’ll be in social situations.

Without proper socialization opportunities, dogs can become anxious, withdrawn, and even aggressive as they grow older. Spend some time at the dog park, introduce your dog to other dogs, and try to take new walking routes as often as possible to introduce your dog to new environments.


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