7 Common Flu Symptoms and Their Characteristics

7 Common Flu Symptoms and Their Characteristics

Who likes the flu? Nobody. You would never wish it on your worst enemy. Heck, you would even prefer to go to school or work than stay home and endure the torture of the flu. Once the common flu symptoms kick in, all you can do is get your boxes of tissues, bottles of water, chicken noodle soup, and fresh sheets – it is going to be a rough 48 hours!

When you have the flu symptoms, hygiene is of the utmost importance. There is one thing your hands are constantly touching: your inventory of dirty tissues. You do not need to wash your hands every five minutes, but it would be a good idea to still wash your hands throughout the day as to avoid spreading your germs to common household items, such as the channel changer, the laptop, or your smartphone. As you would any other time, turn on the hot water, apply your soap, and rinse. You can even rub your hands with sanitizer!

There is no single cure of the flu, not even the flu shot is 100 percent infallible. There are ways to adapt, including having the knowledge of what to expect and how to mitigate the unbearable agony of the flu. Here are the seven common flu symptoms and their characteristics:

Flu Symptom #1: Sneezing and Stuffiness

Sneezing is the most common flu symptom. You better grab a box of tissues and a garbage bin, because you will be going through a lifetime supply of Kleenex for the next little while. You will be spending the next 24 to 72 hours just sneezing, blowing your nose, and cleaning the snot that is running down your nose.

It should be noted that this adds to your fatigue, too, because you are using pretty much your entire upper abdomen when you are sneezing. This simple act provides a lot of strain on your body.

Flu Symptom #2: Sleepiness

Sleepiness is one of the common flu symptoms that you may experience. The remedy is to get lots of rest, but this might be easier said than done when you have a full-time job, three children, and two dogs.

With that being said, it is critical that you get plenty of rest as this is the only way to treat your body when you are sick. By sleeping, you are resting your entire body and allowing it to combat the bacteria and help you recuperate. Without rest, you are just prolonging the agony.

Flu Symptom #3: Fatigue

Sometimes, you may be able to stay awake with the flu, but your body still feels exhausted. Because your body is going through a lot in the beginning and in the middle of the flu, you will feel extra exhausted. You can drink all the coffee in the world and you will still feel like you want to sleep for the next 12 hours without getting up for anything.

Flu Symptom #4: Sore Throat

What is more agonizing and annoying than a sore throat? Similar to the muscle aches, this is one of the early signs of the flu or, at the very least, a common cold. Despite the various products on the market to treat your sore throat, it seems like nothing really works. The only thing that temporarily relieves you from this annoyance is something hot – consuming a cold beverage is really uncomfortable.

Flu Symptom #5: A lack of appetite

Who wants to eat when they are sick? Not too many people feel like eating a six-course meal. You do not have much of an appetite, which is one of the common flu symptoms. However, it is essential that you push yourself to consume one meal: a bowl of hot, hot, hot soup. Chicken noodle soup is preferable, but you can try anything else that you think will help, whether it is vegetable or onion. As long as you eat sipping on soup, you can gradually vanquish the flu.

If you don’t like soup, then other warm beverages can fight the common flu symptoms as well. A cup of tea seems rather pleasant right now. Ditto for a coffee. Or, even a bottle of bourbon. However, there is one thing you should be drinking right now: water. They call it the nectar of the gods for a reason: Water has plenty of healing abilities and it filters through your body, serving as a complementary aide to combating the purveyors of your flu.

Flu Symptom #6: Chills Throughout Your Body

Your body temperature is through the roof, but you are still getting chills throughout your entire anatomy. You sit there and you are shivering, despite wearing multiple sweaters, scarves, and blankets. You cannot seem to warm up at all. It is such an uncomfortable feeling and it can leave you bedridden.

Flu Symptom #7: Muscle Aches Everywhere

Like the chills throughout your body, muscle aches are among the common flu symptoms. This is one of the early signs of the flu and it certainly serves as a warning sign that you better prepare yourself to be confined to the bed because that is where you are going to spend the next day or two (perhaps longer). Unfortunately, if you lead a busy lifestyle, there is nothing you can do to reduce these muscle aches.

Now that you are aware of the common flu symptoms, you are probably wondering how you can successfully fight the flu. While there is no one single way to rid your body of the flu in a couple of hours, there are measures you can employ to limit its damage. Make sure you get your flu shot at the appropriate intervals to limit the damage done by the flu.


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