7 Different Types of Apartments & Their Characteristics

7 Different Types of Apartments & Their Characteristics

When apartment hunting, it’s important to consider what each type of apartment brings to the table. Depending on your needs and budget, certain types of apartments may be better for you than others. Check out the following 7 different types of apartments to see which type is best for you!

1. Loft Apartments

Loft apartments are known for their large open spaces and high ceilings. Usually, lofts are one large room that were previously used for work and then renovated for safe living. Since many lofts used to be workspaces, they tend to be poorly insulated for sound. Due to their wide open spaces and lack of walls, lofts can also be expensive to heat in the winter.

If you’re into large open spaces, you may be a good fit for these types of apartments. You’ll generally find lofts in the main hub of cities which keeps you close to local transportation and standard amenities. If you’re a city person who loves to be in the middle of everything, lofts are ideal. Lofts are full of natural light, and the wide open spaces give you the ability to be creative with how you decorate your living space.

2. Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are a bit similar to lofts. Typical studio apartments have a wide open floor plan which means there is no separate bedroom, only a separate bathroom. Studio apartments are usually in an L, U or square shape. Studio apartments force you to be judicious with your space which makes them easy to clean.

Since studio apartments are usually small living spaces, you’ll pay less for heating and cooling. You also don’t need as much furniture in a studio when compared to other different types of apartments which makes them cost-effective for people moving out for the first time. Studio apartments are usually reasonably priced which allows you to live in trendy parts of the city without the inflated costs.

3. Pre-War Apartments

You’ll find pre-war apartments in cities with lots of history like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Pre-war apartments are built to last with thick walls and vintage crown moldings. Usually, these pre-war buildings are made from brick or stone and feature high ceilings and solid wood doors. If you enjoy a building with a lot of character and large living spaces, pre-war apartments are an excellent choice.

4. Duplex/Triplex Apartments

A duplex apartment or maisonette is an apartment that is separated into two separate floors. A triplex is an apartment divided into three separate floors. Duplexes and triplexes are similar to lofts but are more closed off for privacy. Having separate floors helps your apartment feel like more of a home which appeals to some people. These types of apartments allow the flexibility of having an area to entertain separate from your private living space.

5. One Bedroom Apartments

One bedroom apartments share a lot of benefits with studio apartments. There’s less space to gather junk, cleaning up is faster, and there isn’t much need for a roommate unless you like a cramped space. Unlike studio apartments, you’ll have a closed-off bedroom which helps add a sense of privacy to your home. One bedroom apartments allow you to entertain while still having your own private space.

If you’re single or a young couple, one bedroom apartments are excellent options. They are reasonably priced, and you won’t feel cramped, especially if both you and your partner are at work most of the day. The rent for one bedroom apartments is also especially reasonable when split between two people.

6. Garden Apartments

Garden apartments refer to ground floor apartments with a small backyard. Having your own outdoor space is always valuable whenever you’re living in an apartment. Garden apartments have an advantage over balcony’s as you’ll have more space to entertain, barbeque and even garden. Garden apartments are also easy to cool in the summer since heat naturally rises up. In the winter, the low ceilings and carpeting will help you retain heat.

7. Railroad Apartments

If privacy isn’t a huge concern, railroad apartments can be a great way to save money. Railroad apartments are defined as an apartment where all the rooms are connected with each other in a line. Usually, these types of apartments have only the bathroom isolated and all other rooms connected. Having the rooms connected can make living with a roommate difficult but can be great if you’re living alone.

Because most people don’t like the idea of having to pass through one room to get to another, you can usually find railroad apartments at a discounted rate. However, railroad apartments usually have multiple entrances from a central hallway, which can eliminate the need to pass through other rooms. Railroad apartments can be great options for single people and couples with no children.


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