7 Front Door Security Products to Keep Your Family Safe

7 Front Door Security Products to Keep Your Family Safe

The front door is your first defence when it comes to protecting your home against opportunistic burglars. Reports indicate that about 34 percent of burglars enter the house through the front door. You should, therefore, invest in a front door security system to keep the burglars at bay. Below are seven of the best front door security products that will keep you safe:

1. Upgraded Locks

Locks are essential front door security products that every building should have. Your front door locks play a critical role in ensuring your safety. An effective front door lock provides maximum security. Various factors come to play when choosing a lock. These include the lock material, ability to protect against bump keys, among others.

One key thing to remember when choosing a lock is that the deadbolt is more important than the handle since it is a lot harder to manipulate than a spring-loaded latch.

2. Installed Security Screens

Security screens are more like additional doors with perforations that enhance security. The additional locks needed are fitted in a way that they open towards the point of ingress. This makes it difficult for anyone to kick the door open. The perforations help open your main entrance to see what is happening without necessarily putting yourself at risk.

For enhanced security, ensure the metal and welding on your security screens are of the highest quality possible. Security screens vary in their style and ability to provide protection. Whatever your security needs are, there is always one that is just right for your home.

3. Door Monitors

Paying close attention to your front door is one of the most effective ways to improve security. The two primary ways to monitor your front door are either using an alarm or a security system. For instance, surveillance cameras provide an effective front door security. Some of the cameras are fitted with notification applications that send alerts whenever motion is detected.

There are many types of front door alarms and surveillance systems available. One such excellent security camera is the Nest Cam, which is an outdoor security service provided by a surveillance company. Monitoring is, however, as effective as the speed and efficiency of the contact person or company.

4. Interior Securing Devices

These devices are placed on the inner part of the door for security purposes. Most of them are often placed at the base or along the middle of the door and have barricades that fall into holders. Others like the buddy bar door jammer work as propped up chairs extending from the doorknob to the ground.

Investing in chain locks or flush door latch bolts does not guarantee maximum security; hence, it is essential to invest in a more effective security device. The downside of interior security devices is that they only work if you are in the house or you have someone inside to let you in. Interior security devices are, therefore, not useful if you aim to protect your home while away.

5. Glass Surface Strengtheners

Some doors come fitted with glass and windows. If you don’t have security measures in place, the glass and windows can be a threat to your front door security. There are three primary ways to resolve this security threat. The first is to remove the glass to a point where if anyone smashed it, they would not be able to reach and manipulate the lock from the inside.

Another not-so-popular method is installing bars over the glass, making sure they are close enough to disallow any hand to pass through. Finally, you may also consider placing a security film over the glass.

6. Shine a Light on Bell Ringers

It is typical for a burglar to ring the bell before breaking in. They do this to establish if there is anyone home or not. This is where the BeON LED bulbs come in handy. By simply turning on a light, you can easily scare a burglar away.

The bulbs are fitted with a microphone able to detect the familiar ding-dong bell sound and automatically turn on the lights. These digital bulbs can profile the lighting schedule in your home and automatically turn on and off, even when you are not around.

7. Access Control Systems

These systems let you speak to the person ringing the doorbell to determine who they are. Just like the BeON LED bulbs, they create the illusion of one being home even when they are not. This is because the system allows you to forward calls to your mobile phone. This way, regardless of where you are, you can know who rings the doorbell. Most access control systems combine with CCTV cameras for optimal security.

Depending on your spending power, there are clearly many improvements you can make to enhance your front door security. The security of your home is as good as the security products installed on your front door. It is therefore wise to invest in a front door security product that won’t let you down in your hour of need. It may cost you a bit more, but isn’t your home worth investment?


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