8 Best Physiotherapy Exercises for Knees

8 Best Physiotherapy Exercises for Knees

The human body was meant to withstand large amounts of physical pressure throughout one’s life. Even though some challenges may be difficult, we can push through them with our strength and will. However, as we age, it may become apparent that our bodies are not what they used to be.

Whether due to the age above, or other reasons, making sure that the body can rest and recover is key. Therefore, an individual may consider doing physiotherapy for the most vulnerable bodily areas. The knees are one area of concern that could benefit from physiotherapy. A physiotherapy clinic can recommend various exercises to ensure your knees remain in good shape.

Here are eight best physiotherapy exercises for knees:

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #1: Warming Up

No matter what sort of exercise you do daily, the body needs to be primed first. That way, blood will be able to circulate accordingly, with the body being able to perform at its best. The same sentiment applies to doing physiotherapy for different muscle groups. Concerning the knees, some warm-up exercises are crucial.

For example, you could do a ten to fifteen-minute ride on a stationary bike. Not only does it help warm the body up, but it also targets the lower body more. That way, it will be in an optimal position for better targeting with subsequent exercises. Even though your exercises may vary, warming up remains crucial regardless.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #2: Leg Raises

Now that you are ready to start your physiotherapy journey, you should start with compound exercises. These include using your entire leg rather than targeting the knee first. One of the best exercises in this regard is a straight leg raise. As the name implies, you will raise one leg straight into the air.

The main idea of the straight leg raise is to lie down and raise your leg straight up from the knee position. That way, you will activate your quadriceps with little to no strain on the knee itself. Keep the other leg lying down while you raise the other, and do a few sets for a couple of minutes.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #3: Curls

The leg is comprised of two major muscle groups. The quadriceps above is one of them, while the hamstrings are the other. To target your knees from a physiotherapy perspective, you’ll have to activate your hamstrings. Curls are the best way to do this; grab a chair for balance.

Place both hands on the chair to stabilize your body, and then slowly bring one heel to your glutes. You should feel the pressure just behind the leg, where the knee will benefit from the actual curl. Continue doing so for a few minutes, and then make sure to do the opposite with the other leg.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #4: Wall Squats

One of the more advanced techniques when it comes to physiotherapy for the knees is a squat. However, with enough practice, you will be able to do the exercise correctly. If you need help starting, the wall squat variation will be the way to go. Place your back against a wall, and then lower your body until you reach a ninety-degree angle.

You should now feel the pressure on your legs, as well as your lower back. On the other hand, your knees will have almost no strain, and the position will benefit them outright. Just be sure not to bend down too much, as this may put you in an awkward position. Discomfort is not the way to go!

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #5: Calf Raises

Calf raises are a great exercise for your knees in terms of a physiotherapy perspective. Hold onto a piece of furniture for support, and slowly raise your heels as high as you can. The pressure should be on your calf area to do this effectively.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #6: Side Leg Raises

A variation of the leg raise has to do with lying on your side. Lie on one side, and bend the bottom leg. Then, straighten the top leg and raise it to forty-five degrees. Lower the top leg, and repeat at least ten times in each respective position.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #7: Leg Press

If you have a gym with weight machines, doing a leg raise exercise is key. However, you do not want to put too much pressure on yourself via added weight. Do about three to five sets, with a moderate amount of weight, to complete the exercise.

Physiotherapy Exercise for Knees #8: Avoid Discomfort

Every exercise you do for your knees must be done comfortably. Avoid exercises that put too much strain on your lower body, as this will affect your knees. Physiotherapy can be done amicably, but only if you ensure you do the exercises correctly!


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