8 Healthy Catering Food Ideas That Are Delicious

8 Healthy Catering Food Ideas That Are Delicious

Do you have a big event or party coming up soon? If so, you may be working to make this the best time ever for your guests. Planning a big party can take a lot of work and effort on your part to do, but getting together with your friends and family is always worthwhile.

While planning this event, the catering food that you serve will play a significant role. You’ll want to be sure to provide healthy catering food choices to your guests.

Below are some of healthy catering food ideas that are popular in parties:

1. Artistic fruit arrangement

You’ll want to make your food look appealing at your event. Doing this can allow the entire party to be more attractive for all that attend.

Having a lot of fruit that’s catered to your particular party theme is a great idea. Why not ask your caterers to make a fruit arrangement that’s both trendy and attractive? This is sure to get all your guest talking and is a very healthy catering option for all that do attend.

2. Noodle station

Setting up a station and offering noodles of all types to your attendees is a fantastic idea. You can work with your caterer to select top choices that most people will truly love to enjoy.

There are different toppings and sauces that will allow any noodle dish to taste amazing. This can be a fun way for people at your event to get healthy catering food choices.

3. Cucumber cups

There are not many foods that have as few calories as cucumbers. These are a light and tasty treat for any time of the day and may especially good to eat during the summer.

Cucumbers are very low in calories and offer a lot of nutrients. Why not provide cucumber cups at your next get together? These cucumber cups are fun and colourful, not to mention it has excellent flavour too. This healthy catering choice is very popular among party guests.

4. Fruit platter

What has a sweet taste without the calories? It’s likely you won’t find anything better than a fruit platter at your big event.

You can choose the fruits you want to offer, and some of these may range from oranges to apples to even pears. Putting all of these on a platter is ideal and can make an excellent looking presentation, as well.

5. Stuffed peppers

Something unique and different to add to your healthy catering ideas are stuffed peppers. These can be one of the top items on the menu and may allow you to enjoy the taste of these truly.

Whether you prefer green, red or even yellow peppers, you’ll want to be sure you have a platter of these at your next event. Just be sure you have plenty of water to offer because many of these may be hotter than you think.

6. Vegetable tray

Don’t forget to serve up the vegetables at your next get together if you want to keep up the whole scheme. Many plants are low in calories and high in nutritional value.

Some of these may have a high-water content, and this should be enough to have you reaching for many of these. Having a combination of carrots, broccoli and celery with a side dip is a great way to start or end your night.

7. Soups

Do you love eating a wide variety of foods? If so, you may want to have a soup bar at your next event. This can be a fun and exciting idea that will have your guests thrilled to be there.

You can offer many types of soup that may range from vegetable to more flavorful options, such as cream-based soups. These are sure to be enjoyed, and this is the low-calorie choice for all of your guests to enjoy. Best of all, these soups can be easily made at home.

8. Light ice-cream

Choosing different brands of ice cream that are light in calories and high in taste is ideal. You can select a wide variety of flavours and add these to your menu for the night.

This will be an excellent option for any individual that wants to have a dessert but doesn’t wish to break the calorie bank. Don’t forget to have a wide array of toppings to go with your ice cream choices.

Making the most of your event is likely to be foremost on your mind. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to start planning this fun time. Working closely with your caterer is the best way to get the ball rolling and having the best and most healthy food choices. Start planning today to help you have the best catering and healthy food options available!


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