Career In Crisis: 5 Workplace Issues That Require an Employment Lawyer

Career In Crisis: 5 Workplace Issues That Require an Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer can be an important expert ally on your side in challenging moments within your career. But few people have a clear understanding on the role of an employment lawyer within the marketplace, and so in this latest post we’ll clarify the subject. Let’s look at several situations in which you should consider hiring an employment lawyer.

1. When You Have Been Illegally Fired from Your Job

If you have been terminated from your position at your job, you may be able to work with an employment lawyer to gain further compensation from your past employer. It’s illegal to fire a person on the basis of gender, race and various other forms of identification. In some cases, it might also be illegal for the company to fire you for something you’ve said or done at your place of employment. For example, your company cannot fire you for asking another person how much they are paid for their work. If you feel as if you have been let go from the company without good cause, you can contact an employment lawyer to have your case analyzed by a legal expert.

2. When You’re Being Harassed at Work

Whether you’re being harassed at your place of work by a superior or another employee, it’s important that you speak with your HR representatives about the problems you’ve encountered. If they aren’t responsive to your needs, and you remain uncomfortable within your working position, you can then contact an employment lawyer to resolve the issue. Your employment lawyer can take a look at all elements of the case, from the person harassing you to the actions taken by the company in response and determine whether you are due compensation for the issue and whether you can take action against the person.

3. You Are Being Accused of Harassment

In some cases, what might have been seen by you as a harmless workplace conversation can be seen by others as harassment. An employment lawyer can work with you to fight your harassment case by looking through the accuser’s claims and building a defense strategy that protects your right to work moving forward. In some cases, if you’re accused of harassment, you’re no longer eligible to work with the company. Responding to these cases quickly can ensure you receive a fair, legal response to the claim.

4. You Have Been Forced to Sign a Document

A company might also require that you sign a document that waives your rights related to your work. But many of these contracts overstep the legal boundaries and require the employee to waive rights they legally require to protect themselves. For example, a company might ask that you sign a non-compete contract that would prevent you from opening up a competitor business if you ever leave the firm. Your lawyer can look through the contract and ensure that you are released from any damages that might result from your work after you leave the company.

5. The Employer Has Not Paid Their Bonuses

It’s often the case that companies, particularly small businesses, don’t pay their employees on the same day each week. In some cases, an employee might be waiting a week for their paycheck. But employers will often try to get around paying the full amount due within an employee’s contract. Bonus payments are a particularly common area of disagreement between employees and employers. An employment lawyer can work with you to ensure you receive full compensation for the work completed.

Make sure that you book the services of a talented employment lawyer to protect your rights in the workplace. A specialist can work with you to analyze your case and build a legal strategy that assures justice is served in your case.


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