Digital Innovation: 7 Business Benefits of Mobile Forms

Digital Innovation: 7 Business Benefits of Mobile Forms

Digital forms are any kind of paperwork you would normally use for your business needs, but instead of being processed on paper, the document is managed on a mobile or digital device. Digital forms offer a new way of handling paperwork for your business.

Nowadays, everything is being digitized and paper is going by the wayside. In fact, it is almost impossible to run a modern business efficiently without implementing digital forms in some way. Switching to mobile forms can have a ton of benefits for you, your business, and even the earth.

1. Profitability

Switching to digital forms will cut down on your printing costs saving you money on paper, ink, and wear-and-tear on your printer.
Processing paper is also generally more time consuming than doing things digitally, so in switching to digital forms you can create a more productive and efficient environment for both yourself and your employees. You will all be able to accomplish more work in less time. Your productivity to wage ratio will increase which should show a positive difference in your finances.

2. Earth friendly

In addition to putting extra money in your pocket, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and saving a few trees when you reduce your printing.

3. Time saver

Time is money, and the less time you waste waiting for information to be processed, analyzed, or moved between people or departments, the less time you will have to wait to make important decisions about the future of your business.

4. Easy & accessible

Another time-saving benefit is that you will no longer have to search for documents that were filed away months ago and forgotten about. You can have all of your documents and information saved and organized in one centralized, easy-to-use database. Even if a document is misfiled or you can’t find it, search options will help you find exactly what you need quickly instead of having to sift through piles of old documents.

5. Fewer mistakes

It will reduce opportunity for human error: Digital forms can help eliminate some unnecessary mistakes that are often made in paper documents. For instance, documents that were previously illegible due to messy handwriting will now be easily accessible with a standard computer-generated font.

Features can be implemented where it isn’t possible to submit a document unless all fields are filled in, so no more forgotten information leaving you in the dark. In addition, with digital forms documents will no longer be misplaced, destroyed or misfiled, but will be kept in a central, easy-to-access location.

6. Many features

There are also many aspects of digital forms that paper simply cannot compete with. For instance, you can more easily include a photo or visual element to your documents, if applicable or necessary. You could have an automatic time-tracking or geolocation feature to your digital forms. And, of course, being able to access and make changes to those documents instantly from anywhere in the world is the ultimate feature digital forms have to offer.

7. Versatility

Digital forms can be used for all sorts of different documents: Companies can use digital forms to create invoices, expense reports and work orders, or they can be used for organization like setting up employee schedules and working hours. Digital forms can also be used for data collection and analysis. The options are endless, if you need it to be digital, it can be done. And if you don’t need it to be digital? It can still be done.

Estimates say that most businesses would be forced to shut down in less than a month if their hard-copy paper documents were compromised. Why take that risk? The future of paperwork is digital.


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