How to Get Organized at Home: 8 Home Organization Hacks

How to Get Organized at Home: 8 Home Organization Hacks

WWMKD? That’s the question everybody is asking these days as the goddess of home organization, Marie Kondo, is at the forefront of pop culture. Everyone is thinking of Kondo’s Spark Joy philosophy – rather than tossing out junk, it is better to ask yourself if the item in question sparks any kind of joy.

This is the new way many people are beginning to declutter, organize, and make them homes a fortress of solitude and a neat and tidy oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

In addition to using the Kondo philosophy, it is also important to employ other home organization hacks to ensure your home doesn’t look like it is in a perpetual warzone. But where do you begin? And what kind of home organization hacks should you be using? Here are 8 ways on how to get organized at home:

1. Organize the home so it is nice and bright

Let’s be honest: sometimes we’re afraid of opening the blinds, cracking open a window, and letting the sun shine on through. Why? Because we’re frightened of what we will see when light peers on our furniture, walls, floors, and everything else under the rooftop.

But you know what? You should always open the blinds, crack open a window, and allow the sun to shine because then it will encourage you to keep your humble abode clean and organized all the time. There’s no reason to feel ashamed anymore when a beautiful day arrives.

2. Implement cord control in your home

The Internet modem, the television, the cable box, the VHS player, and all of the other gadgets that fill your living room, bedroom, or basement are likely making your home look disorganized because of all the cords. These can indeed be a nuisance, but you don’t need to just accept the mess.

There’s a remedy to this problem: cord control.

Head to your local Ikea, browse on Amazon, or see what you have in the home, and you can begin to put your cords together and hide them with a sleeve, a box, or another clandestine item in your house or apartment. Moreover, this leaves your living quarters safe from tripping hazards, or, if you have kids, they will not be attracted to grabbing and biting these cords.

3. Use a bench if you have kids

Many people are unaware of just how powerful furniture storage pieces can be, whether it’s an ottoman or a bench. These storage pieces are one of the most underrated home organization hacks out there. They are especially useful when you have kids and an abundance of toys that need a place to be stored. Instead of having Legos, monster trucks, and makeup kits scattered on the floor, they can be neatly put away inside these ottomans.

4. Organize your bed every day

Throughout your childhood, your mother always scolded you for not making your bed in the morning. She didn’t feel like bullying you or picking on you – so there was a method to her madness.

In your adulthood years, you likely neglect your bedding in the morning and then return home to the same messy sheets and stinky blankets. But this is the worst thing you can do – you need to make your bed first thing in the morning.

Doing this accomplishes several things in your home organization quest:

  • It allows you accomplish something almost immediately to start you day.
  • It makes your bedroom look clean.
  • It gives you a sense of calm knowing that your bedroom isn’t in a state of disarray.

So, tuck in those sheets, iron out your comforter, and allow the light to engulf your bedding.

5. Use storage containers in the fridge

Most people often overlook the refrigerator when they are getting organized at home, but this is actually one of the most important areas for home organization.

No matter what you do, your refrigerator constantly looks like a pigsty, even on those days when the fridge is bare without anything to eat, except condiments. It can be tricky to keep the fridge organized, but there is a way: storage containers.

That’s right. A storage container designated to each type of product: a container for condiments, a container for fruit, a container for vegetables, and the list goes on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this really works. If you simply have too much stuff, then using a storage unit instead could be an alternative solution as well.

6. Organize your books with bookcases

Do you own every single copy of Agatha Christie novels? Are you obsessed with classic Russian literature? An aficionado of American crime noir? Whatever genre or author you are in love with, your bookcase is likely crammed with these books – in addition to non-fiction subjects like economics and physics. As a result, the rest of the room looks messy.

The solution? Take time to work with your bookcase:

  • Separate your books into genres.
  • Organize your books based alphabetically on author’s last name.
  • Make it unique by organizing books by geography, colour, or chronologically.

7. Dust and sweep your home

Most people have no clue as to how efficacious it can be to perform a simple dust and sweep. Even if the rest of your home looks like a disaster zone, you can make it look impeccable by just grabbing a duster and a broom and venture around your home.

Remember, this shouldn’t be your only method for cleaning and organization – it should be a complementary measure along with any trash disposal and recycling initiatives you partake.

8. Find a coffee table that does it all

No, we’re not talking about a coffee table book about coffee tables! We’re talking about a multifunctional coffee table that does it all: stores remotes, hides papers, allows you to place your coffee on top, and ensures your living room isn’t a total mess.

Are you tired of the perpetual clutter, mess, and dirt that fills your home? Who isn’t? But it doesn’t have to be this way. All it takes a couple of hours to remove the bacteria, eliminate the clutter, and turn your home into a place where everyone wants to escape to. Your home can be your nirvana.


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