How to Make Dull Paint Shine on Car: 10 Ideas

How to Make Dull Paint Shine on Car: 10 Ideas

A car is not as much an investment as it is an accessory or a status symbol. Because of this, people are always concerned about how their car looks – which means they are especially concerned with the car’s paint job. That’s what is going to make the car impressive to onlooks. So, how do you make that dull paint shine?

Below are the ten best ways on how to make dull paint shine on car:

1. Start with a good car wash

There are a few different steps that go into making dull paint shine on a car. Before moving forward with anything, give the car a solid wash. This washing will remove any large debris, dirt, dust, or other materials that could be dimming the shine.

2. Ceramic coating services

Ceramic coating services are relatively new on the market, and are a technology that will knock your socks off. These professionals apply one or several layers of a nano-ceramic coating that hardens into a protective coating for your car.

The ceramic coating repels against natural damage like water and UV rays that can damage and dim the paint job, and it also helps to protect the paint job against scratches, marring, and oxidization.

3. Give it a good buff

If you’ve got a buffer on hand, or are in the market for one, all you need to add is a rubbing compound, and you’re off to the races. Simply apply some of the compound directly to the buffer pad, then rub the pad around the area you are buffing with the machine off.

This will ensure the product doesn’t get applied unevenly or splash out onto other areas, things, or people. Once you’ve spread the product around a bit, start the machine, and move in smooth, gentle circles until the product has been sufficiently rubbed in. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe away any excess product.

4. Clay bar and luber

A clay bar is essentially a gummy substance to pick up debris from the outside of the car, and the luber helps in that process. Imagine it as a super sticky piece of gum or sticky tack. Using the luber to dampen the surface and the clay bar, rub the surface of the car with the clay bar. As you go, the clay bar will start to take on a dirty brown film.

Fold and knead the clay bar to get a new surface to work with. Change out the bar when the one you are working with gets too dirty. It is recommended to use only a part of the clay bar, instead of the whole thing. This is because if you accidentally drop the bar, it cannot be used anymore.

5. Finish with a solid polish

A good polish can do wonders. It can be done in tandem with some of the other items on this list, or alone after a good wash. There are a couple of different ways to polish your car on your own:

6. By hand

Apply a little bit of car polish to the area, and use a microfibre cloth to spread it around and work it into the paint. Then take a clean cloth and wipe any excess away.

7. With a buffer

Using a power buffer, apply five dime-sized dollops of product onto the buffer pad. Before starting, blot out the pad in a few spaces so you don’t have a bunch of excess product. Much like with the rubbing compound, you don’t want the product to fling about when you turn on the buffer. Start the machine and move in gentle circles, ensuring to keep the machine flat, and apply even pressure throughout.

8. Have it detailed

Taking your car to a professional detailer will definitely make it shine. They may even use some of the tactics described above, so you’ll get the same result without any of the work.

9. Protect your car

Part of the reason paint becomes faded in the first place is that the car isn’t protected. Sure, over time it is likely that oxidization and fading is going to happen. However, whether you’ve got a shiny car already, or once you restore your car to its former glory, you should protect it. To do so, keep it in a garage or covered with a car cover to protect it from the elements.

10. Repaint or wrap

This is the last item on the list because it is the least likely option. If the paint is too damaged, and you really, really want it to be fixed, you may have no other choice than to repaint it. That said, repainting is incredibly expensive. This is because you not only have to pay for the paint, but you also have to pay for the labour – and repainting an entire car takes a long time. Alternatively, you could consider a car wrap. They are less expensive, but can look fantastic.


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