Natural Remedy: 3 Health Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

Natural Remedy: 3 Health Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Naturopath? Shouldn’t I just visit a fortune teller and peer into a crystal ball instead?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, naturopaths are educated with the same background as medical doctors; they simple choose to apply a holistic approach to medicine, using nutrition, acupuncture, and other natural treatments.

A medical doctor will generally treat symptoms using basic information that you provide them, whereas a naturopath will attempt to treat underlying causes by accumulating a wealth of specific information about you. Of course, it’s important to see both and take both of their opinions into account. That said, however skeptical you might be, here are the top three reasons you need to visit a naturopath.

1. They Can Treat Whatever Ailment You Have

Fortunately, a naturopath is equipped to help you prevent or treat nearly any ailment you may have. A lot of conventional medicine and health plans, they believe, are limited in their proven effectiveness or their knowledge. They believe that the causes of so many problems are inter-connected.

Lifestyle and diet changes, and natural herbs, rather than costly prescription drugs, can play a huge part in minimizing the disease, or regulating any hormones or chemicals in the brain that are out of balance (including stomach health, an oft overlooked root ailment!). They will generally test for things that a normal practitioner won’t, including working out a plan with the patient for them to follow. They look for underlying causes; to treat the root cause rather than the symptoms. Some of the ailments that they focus on include the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Imbalanced hormones
  • Stomach pain and tension
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Regular heartburn
  • Cancer

2. You Want a More Involved Doctor

Perhaps a good reason many people are apprehensive about seeing the doctors is that they don’t have a trusting relationship with them. After all, it’s hard to when you have less than ten minutes to address your concerns to them and receive a satisfactory answer.

Fortunately, naturopathic doctors take a more active involvement in your health, which can lead to a more trusting relationship. Because a naturopath is interested in the details and uniqueness of your life, you can be sure that they will tailor their prescription to your needs. You must be as involved as they are, however. Be communicative, and be patient. It’s a longer process than seeing a regular medical doctor, but well worth it.

3. You’ve Tried Everything and Nothing Works

Sadly, there are many people who, despite endless tests, blood work, stool samples, and EKG exams, still feel unwell. Nothing seems to make them feel better. Their doctors are grasping at straws, prescribing endless forms of medication in an attempt for something to stick – but nothing does. They tell you your symptoms are psychosomatic, but you need more reassurance than that.

That is where a naturopath comes in. Perhaps an unconventional treatment is what you need. Or perhaps you need a professional you can connect with to assure you that you are, indeed, in good health. Because they take a more holistic approach to health, naturopaths are sure to investigate ways that an MD won’t, and, who knows, they might just find that your excessive worrying is affecting your stomach, which is in turn affecting your mental well-being.

When it comes to your health, it’s best not to spare any advice or opinions. Naturopathy may not work for you, and it may not solve your problems, but it is well worth a try if you plan to get better.


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