Open Up: 5 Design Elements of an Industrial Door

Open Up: 5 Design Elements of an Industrial Door

For some people, a door may just be an effective way to let people and things in and out of buildings but for a business it can lead to such things as increased efficiency, savings on energy costs, and improved aesthetics. Because such things would be beneficial to a company overall, more thought needs to be put into the industrial door that you have.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing door or are looking for the best one to attach to your new business, below are factors you need to consider before making the ultimate decision.

1. Size

Obviously your industrial door should be big enough to accommodate products and machinery entering and exiting because if not it will be a large inconvenience that will affect your daily operations. While an installer will try to fit your building with a readily available door that is a common size, doors can be manufactured in all widths and heights, guaranteeing you can get the one that you need. When choosing a door, make sure that each and every product and piece of equipment can fit through it with ease and ample clearance room on either side as well as above.

2. Operation

One of the principal goals of your operation is to work with maximum efficiency no doubt. Therefore, you need to consider what type of operation is involved when it comes to your industrial door. Manual operation doors are equipped with heavy chains that you pull to open and close them. Motorized doors operate with the push of a button. To choose between the two, try to take count of how many times during a typical day you open and close your door.

If it is only a handful of times you can most likely get away with a manual door which will save you money on installation and any repairs that may need to be done in the future. If you need to operate your door any more than this during the day, a motorized door should be considered to increase efficiency and speed in the workplace.

3. Energy efficiency

With energy costs in Canada being the highest they have ever been, it is essential that you do what you can to minimize these expenses and choosing the right industrial door for your businesses will aid you in doing so. In cooler temperatures, a door that is insulated and high-speed will keep in the heat and reduce the amount of time that a door is open as this will let heat escape. The same properties will also allow the cool air of an air conditioner to stay in and this is especially crucial if your operation involves refrigeration.

4. Traffic

The traffic coming in and out of your doors will also largely impact your decision regarding what industrial door you purchase. If people, products, and machinery are constantly using the door it would be beneficial to purchase a door that is motorized and features a sensor where the door closes when it is not in use.

Also, consider what moves through your doors the most. If it is mostly machinery and products as opposed to employees, the chances of damage are greater so you may want to consider a steel door that will be stronger and able to withstand being hit with equipment by accident.

5. Security

Your workplace more than likely stores your products as well as very expensive equipment and therefore you want to keep things safe from theft. The industrial door that you choose can be instrumental in maintaining a high level of security. Your door should be strong enough to withhold someone ramming it and gaining access and as mentioned steel is strong and therefore a good choice.

Try to avoid doors with any glass on them as this can be broken, giving access to intruders. The door that you choose should have deadbolts and spaces that can accommodate padlocks for extra protection.


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