Hiring a Locksmith: 4 Best Practices to Get Your Door Unlocked

A locksmith is a long and storied profession. Ever since man has had property and a need to protect it, we have needed locks and ways to both keep things in and other people out. Sometimes that has included keeping people in too. Like prisoners in ancient jails to the Tower of London right up to today’s modern penitentiaries and correctional facilities. If there is a lock, there needs to someone to not just pick it out, but maybe pick it open too. Being a locksmith was one of the original guilds of craftsmen in medieval England and had the respect and trust of people and kings.

Today we still place our trust and the contents of our homes and businesses into the hands of locksmiths in more ways than we realize. Yes, they still perform the basic services of making an extra key for when guests come to visit, or picking the lock on our apartment after we lose our key and get locked out. But the modern locksmith is much more likely to be found designing a security system than picking a lock or making extra keys.

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