Was Your Passport Refused? 4 Ways to Get Obtain Legal Help

Was Your Passport Refused? 4 Ways to Get Obtain Legal Help

When it comes to immigration attorneys, many might assume that they can only help when someone is applying from a foreign country to obtain a permanent residence in Canada. While that is one of the services an immigration attorney would definitely offer, they can also be helpful in many other services, including passport revocation or refusal.

After being permitted entrance into Canada and living here for a certain amount of time (5 years in typical cases) as a permanent resident, a person usually becomes eligible to apply and obtain a Canadian passport. However, this process might not be so straight-forward. As a result, seeking the assistance of an immigration attorney might be a wise decision.

1. To determine eligibility

The first thing that an attorney can help somebody applying for a Canadian passport with would be with a thorough background check to determine their eligibility. The Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Canada have very specific and defined conditions for this process which need to be met accordingly such as not being the subject of a removal order, being able to speak the official languages, and not have a criminal record.

With their expertise in this area, the immigration attorney can analyze the profile of an applicant to determine whether there are any reasons that would lead to a rejected passport application. A pre-application assessment completed by an experienced immigration attorney can be helpful as he or she can inform you of your chances of approval and whether more information is needed to increase your chances of receiving a passport.

2. Application assistance

Once the attorney confirms the eligibility of an applicant for a Canadian passport, a person can then move on with completing the actual application itself. Those who have never applied to obtain a passport can relate to the painstaking and time-consuming procedure that can lead to confusion and frustration.

There have been many cases where the application to obtain a new passport got rejected only because the applicant did not understand the information being requested on the application. An immigration attorney can definitely help in filling the application with proper information and making sure no sections are missed or misunderstood.

3. Assistance with supporting documents

An application made to obtain a Canadian passport usually requires a number of supporting documents. The number and type of documents vary from person to person, based on their personal history and circumstances. An experienced attorney will be able to review an applicant’s information and inform them of any documents they require to obtain a passport.

With the help of an immigration lawyer, an applicant will be able to provide only the documents that are applicable to their specific case instead of focusing on information that is not required for their application. A passport application without proper supporting material has a great chance of being refused. An immigration attorney can assess the documents an applicant already has and suggest if anything else might be required to complete the application package.

4. Assistance with renewal

Adult Canadian passports are good for 5 or 10 years so if someone plans on traveling they will have to renew their passport once it expires. While applying for a renewal, there is a possibility that the applicant might mistakenly or unintentionally provide information which might vary from their previous passport or use a guarantor that is not eligible to be one.

The renewal procedure has certain conditions and consulting an experienced immigration attorney can be beneficial in understanding the steps one needs to take to renew and making sure they are taken. If the conditions are not met properly, the application for a passport renewal might get delayed or even rejected. Similar to applying for a passport for the first time, an immigration lawyer can review your application and ensure you have everything you need to be successful.


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