Past Flings & Present Feuds: 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Divorce

Past Flings & Present Feuds: 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Divorce

Divorce can be a heart-breaking experience which we all would like to avoid. But if you feel that all your attempts to restore the relationship have failed, you might think the best solution is to consider a divorce. However, divorce is not an easy process and you have to a find a lawyer who can understand your needs and emotions, while supporting you during the process.

Divorce can result in emotional and overwhelming feelings so take some time to think about it before you start researching on your divorce lawyer. When you are ready, make sure to review all your options for a divorce lawyer before signing the agreement as you need an excellent lawyer that will provide you with thorough legal advice, at the price you can afford and can solve your case amicably.

1. Interview at least 2 or 3 lawyers

Make a list of reputable divorce lawyers and look for their testimonials and success rates. Interview the top 2 or 3 divorce lawyers to see how best they can support your request as well as financial payment plan should you require to pay by installment. Don’t compare your options just based on fees. Review their services, ethics and how keen they are on representing your interests. This is an important first step in choosing the right lawyer so don’t rush in hiring a lawyer until you are absolutely sure they can do the job well.

2. Prepare a list of questions

You don’t want to miss any information when asking the lawyers questions about the divorce process, duration, complications and other requirements. Ask for strategies and overall outcomes for your case. Maybe ask about other similar cases and how it was resolved, what methods worked best and how well it was addressed in court. By making a list and ensuring to ask the questions, you will not be surprised with any unknowns during the process.

3. Choose a lawyer that is respectful and supportive

A good lawyer will know what you would like to achieve and not make unreasonable demands on your partner regarding child custody, support or belonging dues. You might want to make sure that the lawyer has similar experience with your type of case and interests. The lawyer’s approach should be ethical, well-articulated and handled with care in the courtroom for all those involved as this is a distressful event for all.

4. Ensure you feel comfortable and can communicate easily

You want to be sure that you are comfortable with your lawyer, you can trust him or her and you are assured of the best support and service during your divorce process. You really must be confident about his or her abilities before you proceed with the agreement. Don’t rush to decide as during this time you may be eager to seek a resolution. Communications is the key; clear and honest communications between both parties will make the process easy.

5. Get a plan of action

A good lawyer will also provide you with a plan of action and fees upfront in writing so you can decide on whether to proceed before financial obligations. A written plan will provide you with the legal requirements for a divorce, the cost of your case, the entire scope to be covered, meetings and steps for the divorce proceedings.

Divorce is not a very pleasant time and can be very stressful for you and if you have children. Take your time to decide on your course of action. Rethink all your options and through these tips you can succeed in finding the best lawyer to represent your interests.


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