Six Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Six Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Citizen

With the political climate in the United States becoming more unstable, many people are considering a move to their neighbours to the north, Canada.

However, it isn’t as easy as moving to another state because there are steps to take to move to Canada and become a citizen. Hiring Canadian immigration lawyers may help people understand the requirements, including these six.

1. Be at Least 18

People who want to immigrate to Canada should be legal adults, which means they need to be 18 or older. Anyone under 18 is legally a minor and must have a parent or guardian sign their application but the adult does not need to be a Canadian citizen.

2. Fast Track as a Skilled Worker

A fast-track system known as Express Entry is available for skilled workers. Each applicant who applies to go through Express Entry receives scores for their talents and job prospects and they receive a rank comparing them to other applicants.

Candidates at the top of the ranking system get invitations to become permanent residents. To become a Canadian citizen, an immigrant must be a permanent resident for at least five years. Some examples of skilled workers in Canada are:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Electricians
  • Business service managers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Computer programmers

    3. Declare Intent to Stay in Canada

When immigrants become permanent residents in Canada, they need to confirm they plan on staying in the country. They can do this by living there for three of the five years they are a permanent resident.

Buying property may also confirm that an immigrant plans on making their lives in Canada. Immigration lawyers will advise clients of other ways of confirming their intent to stay in the country.

3. Speak English or French

People who decide to immigrate to Canada must speak one of its two official languages, English or French. Since Americans speak English, this requirement should be easy for them. However, they may want to brush up on the spelling differences of common words.

4. Provide Tax Filings

To prove that candidates for citizenship can survive financially, they need to provide the government with at least three years of tax returns out of the five years that they were permanent residents. The time for the returns must be up to the date candidates file their applications.

5. Know Canadian Facts

Potential citizens should know some facts about their country to be. The government gives candidates a formal quiz on Canadian history, institutions, values, and symbols. Although it is a written test, citizenship officers occasionally ask oral questions.

For Americans wanting to live in another country, Canada is a good choice because of the border the two countries share. However, these six requirements show that getting citizenship in the country may not be as easy as Americans assume.

Consider hiring Canadian immigration lawyers like Bellissimo to help with advice on moving north. Also, use these six requirements as a guide to what immigrants need to know and do to become Canadian citizens.


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