Top 6 HVAC Maintenance Tips

Top 6 HVAC Maintenance Tips

The performance of your heating and cooling unit depends on the care that you offer to your system. To increase the durability of your HVAC system and ensure that it is always functioning optimally, it is advisable that you learn some easy maintenance tips that you can carry out without personally. Remember that with proper care and maintenance, you can avoid the cost of replacing your unit and also do away with regular visits from a repair technician. Below are some easy DIY maintenance tips you can implement on your HVAC unit.

1. Fix and Clean the Fins

Over time, the fins on your fan can get bent or crushed. If your unit has bent fins, you may find that your unit is taking longer to cool your residence. You should inspect the fins in your unit and realign damaged fins by gently pressuring them with a dinner knife. As you are realigning the fins, ensure that you clean any accumulated dust and debris on the fins.

2. Clear the Area Around Your Condenser

If you have a unit that relies on an outside condenser, it is important that you clear any weeds or plants around the condenser. If there are any plants, debris or dirty materials around the condenser, there is a high likelihood that they will be sucked into the unit hence lowering its efficiency and increasing the probability that it will break down. By clearing the area around the condenser, you will increase the lifespan of your unit and ensure optimal performance.

3. Clean the Vents of Your HVAC System

Over time, dirt and debris tends to accumulate in your heating and cooling vents. If you have dirty vents, you will never have clean and fresh air in your house. This is because your unit will keep recycling the dirt in the vents. Dirty vents usually lead to musty air and increased susceptibility to health complications such as allergies and asthma attacks. To avoid these health complications and ensure optimal HVAC performance, clean your vents regularly.

4. Change the Air Filters

The air filters in your unit usually trap dirt and debris that comes through your unit hence ensuring that your residence has clean and fresh air. Over time, air filters tend to get clogged by too much dirt. This usually means less fresh air for you due to diminished HVAC performance. You should ensure that you change the air filters in your HVAC unit at least once per month to ensure that your unit continues operating efficiently.

5. Visually Inspect Your Unit Regularly

Paying close attention to the performance and state of your unit is the best way to detect any issues before they exacerbate and get out of hand. To spot issues quickly, ensure that you inspect your unit regularly. Should you detect any issues such as change in the hum produced by the condenser or decreased heating and cooling performance, it may be time to call in a professional.

6. Get a Professional HVAC Technician to Service Your Unit Periodically

Though you may be handy, there are some unit issue that require the expert solutions that can only be offered by a trained and experienced technician. At least twice a year, it is advisable that you call in a technician to inspect and carry out comprehensive servicing on your unit. With the assistance of a trained professional, your unit will always operate at peak efficiency.

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