What to Include in Office Space Cleaning Checklist

What to Include in Office Space Cleaning Checklist

Have you ever run your finger over the surface of your furniture, looking at your finger and seeing that not a speck of dust was on it? That satisfaction you get from knowing your environment is spick, span, and dust-free is priceless.

Say the word “cleaning,” and most people think about cleaning their homes. But did you know your office space needs to be cleaned just as frequently? Anyone who owns or runs an office will testify to that.

An office is a place where your business happens. It’s where your clients come and where their impressions are formed. If a client walked into a dusty or untidy office, what do you think would happen? They’ll probably form a negative first impression that will be hard to shake. That’s why you need to prioritize office cleaning tasks in your company.

Let’s examine the tasks to include in an office space cleaning checklist:

How often should an office be cleaned? 

Your office needs to be just as impressive on the inside as outside. Organized, neat, clean, spotless, and tidy are all words your employees and clients should associate with your office. This is a good first impression for your business, but it’s also good hygiene.

Your employees work better in a clean environment. Your clients feel welcomed and right at home in an environment that looks inviting. Sure, running an office keeps you on your toes, but regular scheduling cleanings must be a mandatory part of your routine.

Regular cleanings should happen every week. A checklist should be made to track what needs to be cleaned between the professional cleaning sessions.

One strategy for approaching this is to create a company culture that encourages employees to care about their environment. A checklist of cleaning duties for the day can be prepared, and the cleaning duties are divided among the employees. The jobs should be rotated fairly among all employees so that no one is stuck doing too much.

Office space cleaning checklist

An office cleaning checklist is much easier to throw together than you think. Here are a few essentials that should be on your list, so your office is always spotless and flawless:

1. Cleaning the Cubicles

This is an easy responsibility that all employees can carry out. Encourage your employees to clean their desks at least twice a week. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to get the dust right off.

At the end of the week, employees can be encouraged to spray their desks with disinfectant before they leave for the day. Once the employees get into the habit of regularly doing this, it’s a job that can be done.

2. Break Rooms

The break room is another area of your office where cleaning responsibilities can be shared among all who work there. Since all staff members use the break room, they should be responsible for keeping it clean too.

All the rubbish bins should be emptied at the end of the day. The microwave should be wiped down, and all the dishes in the sink should be washed after use.

3. Reception Area

The reception area is your focal point because it is right at the entrance of your office. The front desk should be wiped down every morning, and the waiting area should be clear of rubbish.

Surfaces that get touched frequently should be disinfected daily. This includes the door handles, tables, buttons, phones, bells, and more, depending on what you have in your reception area.

4. Office Bathrooms

The bathrooms are another area that always needs to be cleaned. Because the bathrooms are a high-traffic area, this is one area that needs to be cleaned daily.

Among the things on your toilet cleaning checklist include disinfecting the toilets and the sinks. The floors should be swept daily and then mopped with disinfectant floor wash. Surfaces like sinks and taps should be disinfected daily, and the bins should be emptied every time they get full.

5. Office Exterior

Oh yes, cleaning is not just for the indoors alone. The outside area of your office needs looking after too. The leaves might occasionally fall if you have a small garden or trees and plants. Check if the floors need to be swept and cleared of any leaves, debris, or rubbish that might have blown into your area because of the wind.

Other items on your checklist include cleaning the doors and the windows. If you have welcome mats at your front door, these should be cleaned out once a week. Any bins outside should be emptied as soon as they become full to avoid unwanted pests and nasty smells.

A spick and span office is a happy office.


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