4 Style Tips for Wooden Watches

4 Style Tips for Wooden Watches

Fashion is constantly evolving and progressing, both defining and reflecting greater trends in the surrounding world. Wooden accessories and jewellery have taken the world by storm in the wake of the growing industrialization the world is experiencing. To combat the distilling of the natural beauty of the world, wooden watched have emerged. Wooden watched possess a certain charm and fashion sense that can’t be found in every day machined accessories. Watches provide a keen reminder of a simpler period while providing functionality in their timekeeping utility. As time-honoured fashion items of high status, you can never go wrong with a high-quality watch. With that in mind, here are 4 reasons to consider putting aside the machined watch, and picking up a beautiful wooden counterpart.

1. No Watch is Ever The Same

Each wood watch is entirely unique. As the watches are handcrafted from a wide variety of soft and hardwoods, they take on the characteristics of their materials. As the wood is retrieved from nature, each watch takes on the history of the tree its crafted from, which bestows it with a certain uniqueness. The colour, grain and variety of wood all contribute to creating a one of a kind piece.

Even among similar models and designs, closely examining any two watches will reveal that, while similar in some regards, they’re ultimately unique timepieces. Mass produced metal and plastic watches are simply incapable of achieving a true sense of individuality in comparison.

2. A Sophisticated Look

Watches have always been maintained as a symbol of status and provided an air of sophistication. Handcrafted wooden watches are no exception to this rule and indeed are often considered to be timeless pieces. The unique features of each wooden watch offer not only a classic and naturalistic, rustic look but their sophisticated appearance pairs easily with whatever you choose. Handcrafted wooden watches, though simple, are statement pieces.

3. Sustainability

It should go without saying that wooden watches are more environmentally friendly than their metal and plastic counterparts. Wood is both an abundant and renewable natural resource. Trees continue to grow and are an essential part of earth’s ecosystem, managing the distribution of carbon dioxide. Many wooden watches are made out of recycled and reused woods, rather than contributing directly to the logging industry.

By donning a wooden watch, in some small way you are contributing to the sustainability of the earth and reducing your carbon footprint. Adopting wooden fashion trends directly diminishes the need to produce plastic and metals that release pollutants into the air. As high-quality wooden watches are handcrafted, they are both non-toxic and chemical free.

4. Comfort

A well crafted wooden watch is much lighter and more comfortable than most metal and plastic varieties. Many individuals find that they experience allergic reactions when their skin is directly exposed to metal, making them uncomfortable or altogether unbearable. Metal watches are often bulky and heavy, while plastic watches may be too tight or uncomfortable on the skin, and more easily damaged. Wooden watches are hypoallergenic, and thus well suited to anyone with significant allergies. Their lightweight nature makes them a comfortable accessory, easily worn at all times.

Wooden timepieces are reliable accessories befitting of nearly all occasions. Available in countless designs, crafted with nearly any wood you could desire, it’s always possible to find the perfect watch for each unique individual. Wood is everlasting, and timeless, as are the pieces crafted with it. Consider taking the time to find a unique timepiece that represents who you are today, and soon you too can possess the perfect statement piece.


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