Girl Power: 5 Best Kickboxing Benefits for Women

Girl Power: 5 Best Kickboxing Benefits for Women

Kickboxing and other mixed martial arts were normally associated as being a male-dominated sport. While most participants are indeed male, the trend seems to be changing. More girls and women are getting involved.

Even in the past, there were females involved but it seemed more of an exception than the rule, but now, ladies are getting involved, which is a great thing. Perhaps one factor that contributed to this was that some female celebrities turned to kickboxing as a way of exercising, staying in shape and being healthy. Let’s look at some of the benefits the ladies can enjoy from kickboxing.

1. Efficient Training Saves Time

Due to the efficiency of training used for kickboxing, a lot of time can be saved. Everyone is busy, juggling so many activities, so when time is saved, it can be most welcome. Also, an hour of kickboxing in class can burn well over 500 calories! The best part is, even afterwards, due to the nature of kickboxing and training, a person can continue burning calories.

2. Learn Self Defence

While you may not be going out to look for a fight (hopefully!), kickboxing will teach you self defence. With each class, you get to learn things like throwing punches and kicking, but you will also learn to defend yourself against them as well. In fact, defence is just as important, so you will learn how to distance yourself and learn evading aspects as well. You will be involved in sparring with others under close supervision so that you can hone your skills. You will always be learning as you get better at it.

3. Team Environment

Before you join any classes, look for a school that places emphasis on a team environment and also in having fun. It can be a little intimidating to join something like this, however, it can be just as intimidating to join anything for the first time. Even if you got a new job, you are bound to be a little nervous and apprehensive on your first day (or first few days), but you will eventually settle down. A school that understands this and places emphasis on team spirit and a good team environment while making sure everyone has fun and is safe is a good school to go to.

4. Build Mental Strength

Apart from the physical benefits you will receive from kickboxing, you will also be gaining mental strength from it. You may notice that your confidence and courage levels will soar! How good would that make you feel? For someone who is not very confident by nature, the difference it will make will be like night and day. Once you start getting the hang of techniques, movements and knowledge from your classes, your inner strength will slowly be developing. As you get better with practice, your confidence will increase. It will also show, as others may make some positive remarks.

5. Stress-Reducer

If you live a busy and hectic lifestyle, kickboxing can help relieve a lot of your day-to-day stress. You may notice it yourself. If you’re normally cursing in a traffic jam or something else makes your blood boil, you may be less affected by such things. Isn’t that such a wonderful thing? Who needs stress and anxiety that ruins your day? Get rid of it by kickboxing it out of your life!

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