What Is a Vape Pen: How Vape Pens Work

What Is a Vape Pen: How Vape Pens Work

Vape pens are a popular device for consuming oils and herbs and provide a smoke-free way to enjoy yourself. They come in a larger variety of shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to choose just one.

Are you looking to buy vape pens for sale and wondering what to expect? Here is how a vape pen works:

What is a vape pen?

Vape pens are pocket-sized vaporizers that resemble a pen. Their compact size allows for easy transportability and usage and makes them affordable. They stand apart from other devices in that they don’t produce smoke. They are designed to gently vaporize material without clouds, making them less intrusive and producing less odour.

This gives you a discreet way of consuming your oils, waxes and herbs without drawing attention. With all the components working together, they accurately create heated vapour for your enjoyment.

Parts of a vape pen

While vape pens come in many variations, they all have similar components, including the battery, atomizer, chamber, mouthpiece, LED indicator and sensor or button.

Let’s learn more about the different parts of a vape pen:


This is the energy source of your vape, and without it, you won’t heat anything. They are an essential component that is rechargeable and built into the device. Most have a USB cable for recharging, and the lithium-ion battery life varies from device to device. For a disposable vape pen, When the battery runs out, you just throw the pen away.


Inside the vape pen is a heating element called an atomizer. On fancier versions, they go by clearomizer or cartomizer, but they all work the same to convert liquid and herb into small droplets of vapour. This is just below a combustible temperature to keep it from burning. From here, you can inhale the vapour and enjoy it. Atomizers are typically made of quartz or ceramic.


This is the tank you put in your oil or dry herb; it can either be a single-use cartridge or a refillable tank. They may be connected to the atomizer and are made of glass, polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel. There is a wide variety of concentrates you can buy and consume.


The mouthpiece attaches to the end of the vape pen and allows you to draw in the vapour by placing your mouth on it.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator shows you when the device has power or needs to be charged. Sometimes it is located at the bottom of the pen or beside the button but can be put anywhere on the length of it.


This is a component that detects when a person is pressing the button or inhaling on the pen. There is embedded software to detect when the pen is being used.


The button functions to turn on the vape pen, but some models also allow you to adjust the heating element temperature. Other varieties need you to hold down the button while you are inhaling.

How to use a vape pen

Choosing a vape pen depends on what you want to achieve. For producing clouds, you want temperature control and a strong atomizer. If you are more concerned with a long-lasting device, you should get a good battery with a USB recharger.

Pen size should be considered too. There are too many sizes and styles to choose but if you want a more discreet pen, opt for a small one. They do come with less flexibility for consuming oil and bud, though. Remember the cartridge size that best suits your consumption and material of choice. You also want a durable model that will last long without issue.

Here is how to buy a vape pen:

  • Buy a cartridge or fill your chamber with your desired substance
  • Press the button or start to inhale from the mouthpiece
  • The battery activates the atomizer to heat the vapour
  • Inhale it into your mouth and lungs through the mouthpiece
  • Hold it for the desired amount of time and exhale

There are other types of heating methods for vape pens as well, and they are convection, conduction and induction.

  • Convection Method: The heating element directly interacts with the vaping material and swirls hot air around the juice.
  • Conduction Method: With conduction, there is no contact between the atomizer and the material.
  • Induction Method: With this method, heat passes through a magnetic field.

Understanding how a vape pen works and the options you can get will better help you decide which type to buy. You want a great experience, so try some disposable pens first and work your way up. You may want to have a few devices for different types of consumption, and your vape pens will always be ready to go when you want them.


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