What to Bring to Summer Camp? 9 Best Camping Supplies for Kids

What to Bring to Summer Camp? 9 Best Camping Supplies for Kids

Packing, if one lets it be, can be a laborious affair. Whether you are packing for a family vacation, or are sending your child off to camp, organization is paramount. If you fall under the latter scenario, having the right necessities on hand is necessary for your child’s maximized enjoyment.

It may seem obvious, but summer camp greatly differs from its other, seasonal counterparts. There are variations in the types of clothes to be brought, along with other supplementary accessories.

If you’ve been asking “What to bring to summer camp”, ensure your child brings the following essentials:

1. Footwear

Although you won’t have to worry about packing trekking boots, or anything of the sort, footwear is still important. For the most part, a pair of running shoes will suffice, for the majority of your child’s stay at camp. However, seasonal conditions may warrant other types of footwear to be brought as well.

Random bursts of rainfall may affect the ground during activities such as hiking. As such, make sure your kid brings a pair of waterproof shoes just in case. The better prepared they are for daily events during summer camp, they less prone their feet will be to soreness.

2. Sunscreen

As stated previously, as a parent we always have this question “what to bring to summer camp?” This is where a sunscreen should also be considered on your checklist. One of the main factors differentiating it from its counterparts? The sun. Heat emanating from the sun can range, from warm to extremely hot. In this regard, you’ll want your child’s skin to be protected in the event of humid temperatures.

This is where sunscreen comes into play. Allow your child to bring with them a couple tubes of sunscreen. Usually, a container of sunscreen that is SPF 50-approved will work to prevent unnecessary sunburn from occurring. Damage from the sun’s rays can be prevented, even if your child spends the majority of their day outside.

3. Towels

With the onset of the summer season, comes the opportunity to dive headfirst into a lake or pool. This is to be expected, once you send your child off to summer camp. As such, make sure they have a requisite amount of towels to bring.

For the most part, provide your child with two towels. They will be able to use the first for drying scenarios after swimming, while the other can be kept as a spare. If your child has a skin condition, check beforehand that each towel is made out of a friendly material, such as cotton.

4. Toiletries

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in our everyday lives. If you plan on sending your child off to summer camp, this sentiment is especially true. Remaining clean allows your child to simultaneously stay safe, as well as prevent any causes for illness from occurring.

The basic toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, and body wash should suffice. In addition, include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush as well. For efficiency’s sake, toiletries can be purchased at any local grocery store in sets, making packing a lot easier on your end.

5. Sleeping Bag

When night eventually approaches, you’ll want your kid to sleep not only soundly, but comfortably as well. An appropriate sleeping bag will be necessary for this scenario. In addition, provide your child with a good pillow and extra blankets, in order to maximize their comfort during slumber.

6. Clothing

Clothing during the summer months, and especially during a summer camp stay, is critical. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Pairs of t-shirts, shorts, socks, pants, and underclothes will all be necessary. For cooler summer nights, make sure your child brings a couple of light sweatshirts, to stay warm. Or, if they prefer, their favourite hoody should do the trick!

7. Deodorant

With the onset of the summer comes the increased need for good hygiene. As such, your child will undoubtedly have to bring with them some deodorant. For young kids, roll-on deodorants should be safe enough, as some spray-on deodorants can be rough on the edges.

8. Spending Money

While your kid is away on camp, provide them with a little extra allowance. They will usually be venturing off into parts unknown, but stops to various stores should be expected. That way, they will be able to purchase souvenirs to last a lifetime. They may even bring something special back for you!

9. Backpack

A good backpack can be argued to be the most important item for your child to bring. Make sure it is large enough to house all necessities. That way, they will be easily accessible, once your child needs them for a specific situation.

Summer camp can, and should, be regarded as an immensely fun experience for children of all ages. However, in order to maximize that time away from home, just be sure to verify what is being brought. You are always better safe than sorry in the long run!


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