5 Interview Questions to Ask Your Outsourced App Developer

5 Interview Questions to Ask Your Outsourced App Developer

A good app can be a really powerful and useful tool for your business, no matter how big or small it ultimately is. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the gift and knowledge of application creation. This is why it is fortunate that there are plenty of developers out there who are more than willing to build your app for a reasonable price.

Naturally, as with any paid service, you will want to get the best option possible for your money, so it is important to ask the right questions before deciding to hire anyone. What exactly are the right questions to ask beforehand, though? Well, in the guide below, you will find five good questions to ask an app developer company before you choose to hire them.

1. May I See the Apps You Have Already Built?

Being able to see the past work of any service can be a huge help when determining whether or not you want to work with them. While it isn’t always easy for that to happen with some services, it should be pretty easy for an app developer to show off their work for you. Not every developer will have a stunning portfolio, however, as we all have to begin somewhere. However, a skilled and experienced service should be more than willing to show off their work for you.

2. May I Speak with Past Clients?

This is basically just asking for references that will further prove that the service is on the up and up. Being able to directly ask a past client what their overall opinion of the service is can be a crucial part of the decision making process. It also allows you to monitor the confidence of the developer when you ask for this to happen. If they are proud of their past work, they will more than likely attempt to continue that winners streak when dealing with your project.

3. How is Your Development Process?

Taking a good, thorough look at the processes that the developer uses when creating an app can tell you quite a few things. How organized they are, how well their team works together, how much time the project will take to come to fruition, as well as how they tend to respond to sudden developments and roadblocks that may potentially pop up in time. While you may not know much about app development, it is not hard to tell if a team is competent enough to work effectively or not.

4. What Services Will be Available to Me?

App development has quite a few facets to it, and the more services that the developer offers to you, the better off you will most likely be. These services include such topics as business analysis, quality testing, and launch preparation. After all, you will want your app to be the best that it can possibly be, and it can not be that if it is launched with a variety of bugs and issues that will not look so great on you. Always ensure that they will test the app thoroughly before launch.

5. Is Post-Launch Maintenance an Option?

Sure, you can launch the app and be incredibly proud of it. For a while, at least. Apps require a certain amount of care and maintenance that routinely happens during its lifetime. This includes tweaking and improving the app on occasion via patches and updates. If your app users are asking for a new feature, you should be able to provide that to them through the developer, as it will help maximize the overall life of the app. This will prevent it from falling into irrelevance immediately after launch, and nobody wants that, right?


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