7 Safe Ways on How to Prevent School Shootings

7 Safe Ways on How to Prevent School Shootings

Preventing school shootings is a very hot topic of discussion among law enforcement, politicians, news anchors and the general public. There has been a great deal of proposed solutions to this problem and it is a very emotionally charged and sensitive topic.

No matter what a person’s belief or stance on gun control is, there is no doubt that everyone wants to see an end to school shootings across the country. So, how do we do it? Here are some ways on how to prevent school shootings:

1. Ban assault weapons

Banning assault weapons is one of the best ways on how to prevent school shootings. This seems like a no-brainer and there is often a rallying cry to do this after a school shooting event. While it does seem like a logical first step there is a great deal of advocates on both sides of this argument.

Of course, a ban on assault weapons would not eliminate access to all guns, although it would limit the damage that one individual would be able to do by removing assault weapons. Ultimately, this needs to happen, but it is still only a half measure. A total ban on gun ownership would be the only way to realistically help prevent school shootings.

2. A ban on high capacity magazines

This is another common talking point in the news after a school shooting. The basic premise is that there is no real reason why someone would need a high capacity magazine to go hunting and this addition to a gun is only for those with violent intent.

Similar to a ban on assault weapons the logic is the same. Eliminating high capacity magazines would reduce the number of casualties that one person would be able to inflict in a short amount of time. For reducing the loss of life caused by a mass shooting event this would certainly help, although it is still a half measure.

3. Fund research into gun violence

What motivates someone to do something so horrible? The truth is no one really knows. All we have are theories built out on a case by case basis and physiological assessments. Real funding put behind understanding how those who are mentally ill can be identified and helped through their trauma, or anger may be a potential solution. After all, it only has to stop one school shooting to be effective.

This can take many forms, training teachers to recognize the signs of potentially violent students and how to act in a way that calms and helps rather than inflames the situation is both nuanced and challenging.

4. Multi-sensor gateways

The technology to prevent people from getting on planes with weapons has advanced far beyond a simple metal detector. Concealed weapons of all kinds can be detected through the use of multi-sensor gateways, intelligent video recognition systems all analyzed by an artificial intelligence. This may sound like science fiction, but it is the best way to deter potential shooters.

The concealed weapons detection technology is advancing every day. It has a proven track record of identifying threats that went undetected by human security checks. This format of security system operates independently and doesn’t compromise individual privacy. The multi-sensor gates are able to identify concealed weapons including handguns and knives using proprietary technology and has a proven track record.

5. Background checks

The idea that a background check will prevent guns from being sold into the hands of someone violent and dangerous is absurd. It may stop a few but it is far from foolproof. This would prevent many criminals from legally purchasing firearms, and in conjunction with other tactics it may help but it is far from a universal solution.

6. Arming teachers

This introduces guns onto the school premises. While a seemingly logical argument could be made that this offers more protection, in reality it will almost certainly lead to an accident. Even with the best training and gun safety education in the world accidents can and will happen. Not to mention the possibility of the guns falling into the hands of the students. Simply put, if a teacher needs to be armed to protect a group of students then the situation is far more severe than can be expressed here.

7. Police officers in schools

This has been tried with mixed results. It may have acted as a deterrent numerous times, but that is hard to quantify. What it has proved to do is raise the stress levels of students and teachers at the school significantly.

In conclusion, these are all somewhat effective tactics but in isolation they will not make a significant impact into the frequency of school shootings. All of them combined and a total ban on all guns would be the best possible preventative measure. Although that is not something that many are willing to accept.


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