8 Grilling Tips for Beginners and Newbies

8 Grilling Tips for Beginners and Newbies

If you have just bought your first grill, you are probably excited to get going, especially if you are a bit of a beginner. We are going to help with some grilling tips for beginners. This should help you grill like a pro! Since you are a beginner, the first thing you should do is start with the manual.

Get familiar with your new grill. Just like any new thing you buy, like a TV or computer, you need to check out the manual. Find out what kind of grill you have, because there are different types of grills, such as charcoal, propane, gas and electric. Gas grills are typically the most popular, although you may use other models as well.

Here are eight grilling tips for beginners to adopt:

Tip #1: Prep Your Grill

Before you start any cooking, make sure to clean your grill. You can use a bristled steel brush if you have a steel grate. You can also do this cleaning afterward to eliminate any grime and gunk. Try to keep your grill clean. If you have a porcelain-coated one, then use a nylon-bristled brush. This will help prevent scratches. Ensure the bottom of your grill is clear of any debris, as this could block the heat source.

You can season your grill grate so that it becomes non-stick. Check first because some of these are already pre-seasoned. If not, add a little bit of canola oil to the grate and turn on the heat. Make sure it is just a thin layer. You can also use Pam. Wipe the excess away. If you have a gas or propane grill, make sure that the valves are open to turning on the heat. Electric grills are easiest since you just plug them in. For charcoal grills, place the charcoal under the grate.

Tip #2: Test the Grill

You can test your grill to find the hot spots. You can do this by using bread. Place about three slices next to each other and flip them when necessary. You will probably notice that they all do not look the same. One slice may be darker than another. This is a hot spot.

Tip #3: Fuel for the Grill

Many novices are guilty of making this mistake; running out of fuel. Keep this in mind always until it becomes second nature. During a smoke or grill session, the last thing you need is to run out of fuel. Depending on the fuel you are using, have an extra propane tank, extra charcoal (preferably an extra bag), wood chips or whatever it is that you use as your fuel choice. Never run out of fuel, or you will be kicking yourself!

Tip #4: Grill Fish

When cooking fish, make sure that the grill grate is nicely oiled because fish stick to the grate. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to do some heavy-duty cleaning, but you will have the tools to do so. If you do not want to cook it directly on the grate, you could use a cedar plank or even a bed of lemons to avoid the fish sticking to the grate. Make sure you have a strong, thin spatula for cooking fish. Also, when cooking fish, choose fish such as salmon, halibut or swordfish, as these are fish with firm flesh.

Tip #5: Grill Chicken

While white breast meat is good for you, try cooking chicken with darker meat. In other words, try choosing thighs and legs. This recommendation is that they are more flavourful, plus there is the added advantage of the meat staying nice and moist. Remember, the meat is being exposed to high and dry heat. If you want the chicken nice and crisp, cook it at 350 degrees.

Tip #6: Food Alignment

If you want your food to cook evenly and properly, align the food neatly in rows. This makes you look like you are a pro at this! It also helps to keep track of what was first on the grill. Make a habit of aligning the food properly, and don’t just dump stuff on it haphazardly. It doesn’t look good, and the food will not cook uniformly.

Tip #7: Thermometer

When cooking meat, you do not want your guests or yourself to get sick. Invest in a decent thermometer and be familiar with the temperature range of certain meats. Not all meats have to be at the same temperature. However, each meat has a safety range and only by using a thermometer will you know whether it is safe to consume.

Tip #8: Cool Your Grill

Once all the fun is over, it’s time to let your grill cool down. Leave it on for about 15 minutes with the lid closed to burn off any excess food or sauces. Then you can unplug it or turn off the valves if you are using a tank. Then later, you should clean it and season it again, as mentioned earlier.

Once you get the hang of things, you can check out recipes and try cooking kebabs, veggies and other yummy things. You’ll get the hang of it and end up cooking like a pro with some of these grilling tips for beginners.


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