4 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Exposure

4 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Exposure

Gaining exposure is an important part of business whether we like it or not. While you may just want to focus on your work in peace, it’s a reality that you need a consistent flow of business to keep your company competitive. Fortunately, if you’re strategic with your marketing, you can gain exposure from many different avenues. In this post, we’ll look at four different things your company can do increase your exposure.

1. Tailor Your Content To Your Audience

If you’re not designing your content with your ideal audience in mind, you’re going to waste a lot of traffic and resources. One of the biggest errors companies make throughout all industries is producing generic content. It’s essential to ask yourself why your audience would take the time to read and share your content. Increasing your exposure requires you to engage your readers.

Another way to increase your content’s exposure is to tailor it for a specific social media platform. Images need to be a priority if you’re promoting on Instagram or Pinterest. It’s worth producing multiple images for the same piece of content to get as much exposure as possible. If your audience is on Facebook, it’s worth producing videos to increase engagement on text posts. If you’re going to take a small business loan to help with marketing, you can’t afford to ignore content.

2. Take Advantage Of Influencer Marketing

It’s not good enough to randomly increase your exposure. You need to make sure your ideal audience are the ones learning about your company. Influencer marketing is an excellent way to get your company in front of a targeted audience. Instead of taking a broad approach, you can go straight to the source by working with people your audience already enjoys following.

Influencers don’t build their audience overnight. What this means is they have an engaged audience who is going to be more receptive to recommendations from the influencer. A huge part of successful influencer marketing is finding the right person to create a partnership with. Remember to provide value in your ads or the audience will lose interest, even if recommended by the influencer. Influencer marketing helps you make efficient use of small business loans to help your company gain momentum.

3. Start Producing Content That’s Worth Sharing

A lot of company’s struggle to get shares on their content and think something is wrong with their marketing process. Chances are you need to improve what your content is accomplishing. If you’re just producing blog posts because you’ve heard it’s the right thing to do, you aren’t going to have much success. Only by producing content heavy on value will you be able to engage new readers.

Content marketing is great because it allows you to generate relevant leads. People who seek out your content usually have a problem they need help with. If you can provide a solution to their problem, it’s easier to guide that person into your sales funnel. You don’t need to make hard sells in your content; you just need to show people how your company can help them. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask if your content is worth sharing.

4. Apply For Industry Awards

Awards relevant to your industry can be an excellent way to promote your business. If you don’t apply, you’ll never win. However, the trick is to get another person to nominate you. If you have other business owner friends, you can nominate each other for awards. Having someone else nominate your company looks much better on your application.

When applying for awards, don’t forget to acknowledge the people on your team. There are many individual awards that your staff may be eligible for. Nominating your staff for awards is an excellent way to show them appreciation. If they end up winning, it’ll be an excellent promotion for your company as well.


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