Career Talk: 3 Ways to Know If You Have a Future in Dental Hygiene

Career Talk: 3 Ways to Know If You Have a Future in Dental Hygiene

As the times change, so do the needs of patients and standards for dental hygienists to be the best in their field. Is continuing your dental education really the right step for you, though? You may grow concerned about what continuing education could mean for you. Will it hinder your current performance at work? Will you be able to do it while you are working full-time or part-time? Do you really need to go back to school? How will this life change affect your family unit?

Feeling flustered thinking about returning to school is natural, but this guide will help provide you relief about your questions and help you determine whether or not continuing your dental hygiene education is the right step for your career.

1. Do you want to learn new skills incoming dental hygienists have that you don’t know?

If you find yourself answering yes to this question, it’s a huge indicator that going back to school could be right for you. Incoming dental hygienists may understand the importance of modern digital marketing, for example, in a way that you may not. Feeling behind doesn’t mean having to stay behind.

Taking a few night classes, or whatever suits your schedule, could be a good option for you if you want to know more about how the digital world and social media affect a dental practice and individual dental hygienists. Reviews on the web say a lot about an establishment nowadays, and it’s important you are up to date with the latest practices in patient outreach. You will learn valuable skills about managing your online presence to enrich your reputation.

2. Do you need a refresher on basic skills you’ve lost touch with?

It’s okay to admit to being here in your career, and even more impressive when you acknowledge you need a refresher on some basics, then seek action to change your mindset. Though you may be well-experienced and performing more complicated dental procedures daily, it never hurts to get back to where you came from.

Sometimes you may learn new tips and tricks about handling the daily needs of patients that you didn’t expect, whether it be regarding pain and infection management, safer instrumentation, proper preparation technique, diagnoses, and more. Whatever you find you’re currently lacking in skills, or need a reminder about, the dental assistant courses will help you feel more clarified in your daily practices.

3. Do you want to take your skills from novice to professional?

If you’re just starting in the field of dentistry and are an entry-level employee, classes in surgery could help put you ahead of your colleagues in the long-run, enabling your potential to become the boss of the practice or open your own practice one day. What you do now matters for the future of your career. Engaging in lectures and hands-on exercises about live patient treatment will enrich your knowledge and enhance your work abilities. Like any profession, you truly get what you give when it comes to dentistry.

Whether you want to be the best in your practice, brightest in your field, best version for yourself, or all of the above, continuing education is a proactive step in the right direction for enhancing your career. Consult a dental school  today, enroll in classes, and see where it takes you. The possibilities are as bright as your best smile.


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