10 Subtle Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

10 Subtle Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

Nothing just happens. There are always tell-tell signs that something drastic is in the offing. A married woman keen on applying the power of intuition in her marital relationship cannot be caught by surprise that her spouse plans to divorce her.

Call it a woman’s intuition or whatnot, but you may be able to pick up on a few telling signs when divorce is imminent.

Here are 10 subtle signs your husband wants a divorce:

1. Lack of Emotional and Psychological Frequency

The beauty of a healthy marriage is that it has an emotional and psychological current that keep the partners engaged. When this current of healthy emotions is lacking, a psychological disconnect sets in. The frequency of hugs and kisses reduce, and there is little or no concern for each other. Your man could be up to a divorce.

2. A Don’t Care Attitude

A nonchalant attitude is one possible sign your husband wants a divorce. Your husband is not a stranger to you. If he has been showing concern for you in the past and has now developed a don’t care attitude towards you, he may no longer be disinterested in the marriage. Any negative attitude towards you from your husband could be a precursor to a potential divorce.

3. Unhealthy Communication

Communication in marriage should be healthy. When abuse, dishonesty, lies and all manner of vices begin to characterize your husband‘s engagements with you, there is cause to worry. If he is no longer giving you a healthy audience, he could be on his way out of the marriage.

4. Sexual Inconsistency

In marriage, sex is a basic, especially to men. Having lived together for some time, you have developed a sexual culture. If your husband begins to deviate from that culture for reasons not known to you, divorce could be coming. In a healthy marriage, your husband will more often than not crave for more sex with you. Lack of sexual desire for you should send alarm bells ringing in your head unless there is a justifiable reason such as an illness.

5. Reconnecting with His Former Girlfriends

Everyone gets into marriage with a measure of undeclared expectations. When they are not met, it’s easy for spouses to think of going back to their friends, either to express their frustrations or to seek attention for their unmet expectations. Your husband can secretly revive his connections with his ex while still with you. Going back to his girlfriends is dangerous since he could be on his way to abandoning your marriage.

6. His Circle of Friends

The saying that “birds of the same feather flock together” is true. The company of friends that one keeps has the power to influence their value system. If your husband’s best friends are single, divorced or unfaithful men, it won’t be long before your marriage is in trouble. It is not tenable that a man with marital responsibilities will be cool with guys that are not. When this happens, your husband is about to throw in the towel and divorce you.

7. He Becomes Reserved and Secretive

When your husband becomes secretive about issues of common interest, this is a subtle sign he wants a divorce. His deliberate failure to involve you in financial management and goals could mean his heart is elsewhere. A reserved disposition that keeps you in the dark could mean all is not well. Divorce begins in the mind before it becomes active. His unwillingness to bring you on board his experiences is subtle writing on the wall that divorce is in his mind.

8. Contempt and Resentment

Naturally, people will esteem those they treasure. If your man is resentful towards you, he could be implying you don’t mean anything anymore. Contempt to your position as his wife, however mild, is a subtle indication that your marriage is no longer secure. These are birth pains of a divorce in the offing, and you should not ignore them. If his family shows you contempt and he is cool with it, don’t sit pretty. Sooner than later, he may surprise you with divorce papers.

9. Avoidance of Unresolved Conflicts

If you have had a long-standing conflict on a number of issues and your husband suddenly begins to avoid engaging you on the same, don’t think you have finally won or he has given in. You may have actually lost him. He may have given up on you and decided to move forward with someone else. The conflict he is avoiding could be the very reason he is thinking of divorcing you.

10. Change of Behaviour

When he stops complaining about something or arguing with you, think twice. If your husband is interested in the marriage, there are things he will not sit and watch destroy your marriage. He will voice his concerns because he is married to you and interested in the marriage. If the issues haven’t changed and he is not talking about them, you may need to worry. The fellow could be thinking of a divorce.

You don’t have to wake up one morning to be served with divorce papers by a man you have lived with for so long. Open your eyes and let these subtle signs sanction you into doing something to save your marriage.

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