4 Ways to Clean Your Wood Floors Before the New Season

4 Ways to Clean Your Wood Floors Before the New Season

Wood flooring is a luxury for most people to have in their homes or rental spaces, but they require ample care in order to maintain their beauty. Wood floors are the perfect complement to a variety of spaces and tastes, whether you decorate your home in a rustic, country, modern, artistic, or elegant style.

This guide will walk you through the basics of maintaining your hardwood floors from move-in day through years of living in your space. If you’re ready to create your cleanest and most enchanting space yet from the wood floors up, read on.

1. Vacuum Everyday

No, seriously! Many homeowners and renters are under false impressions that carpeted areas are the only areas of a home that require a good vacuum throughout the week, but wood floors require just as much care, if not, more. Mopping is not exactly the solution to keep your wood flooring looking polished day in and day out. Pet owners especially know how much hair builds up on the wood floors in the blink of an eye, but you and your loved ones may also leave behind unwanted dirt and debris behind. Vacuuming is essential in keeping your wood floors looking magazine-fabulous.

2. Wax, Don’t Mop

That is, if you wax, you should not mop. Remember to clean up spills right away when they happen. Don’t let them sit and linger while you decide to take care of it after the big game on the sports network has concluded or your favorite network television show premieres its new season. Get up off of your chair and clean up what’s spilled to prevent stains from forming. The last thing you want is your wood floor to look blotchy after you invested so much financially in it already.

3. Mop, Don’t Wax

If you don’t wax your floors, mopping is okay, as long as you make sure to dry your floors straight after you complete this household task. Set up fans so the solvents and chemicals you use don’t damage the wood. That said, be sure to use products that enrich your wood floors instead of eating away at the wood’s make up. There are so many organic and natural options that enhance your wood’s shine nowadays. The more you invest in your hardwood floors, the better your chances are at maintaining them and keeping them looking lovely.

4. Dust

If you are a pet owner, and find that vacuuming and mopping don’t pick up and attract pet hair in the way you like, investing in a dust mop or pad to keep your floors looking slick is a valid option. When you use a dust pad, it’s important to let the floor air dry thereafter. Many dust pads are available with refillable cartridges, providing you multi usability. This way, you get the most out of the products you use to keep your floors clean, and the best finish for them.

The differences between these household solutions may sound more complicated than they are, but it’s all about understanding your wood finish first and foremost. This comes with meeting with the right hardwood floor sales and installation professionals who will help you understand how to maintain your floors long term. Find a flooring contractor that will provide you this information and more, to keep your home and hardwood floors looking celebrity-worthy and gorgeous for years to come.

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