9 Stealthy Ways on How to Spy on Your Spouse

9 Stealthy Ways on How to Spy on Your Spouse

Suspecting your spouse is not being honest with you is a tough thing to confront. There are essentially two responses. The first is to ignore it, bury it, and walk on. The second is to take action. How to spy on your spouse is easier than you may think, especially with the help of a private investigator.

Here are the nine smart ways on how to spy on your spouse:

1. Spy Apps

One of the best ways on how to spy on your spouse is to use spy apps. If you can get a hold of your partner’s phone, there are various incognito apps you can install. Running in the background at all times, these apps can monitor text messages, phone calls, Facebook chats, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

If your spouse is sending messages to someone, spying smartphone apps will catch them and communicate the data to you. Though we won’t name any of these apps here, they are very easy to find in any app store.

2. GPS Tracker

When we jump in the car, on the bus, or head out on-foot, we always take our smartphone. Essentially, it’s a location tracker not enough of us think about. There are GPS tracking apps, tracking devices, and other forms of GPS monitoring you can employ to monitor where your spouse is going and if they’re being honest about where they are. If you’re using a GPS tracker device, these can be easily installed on or in your spouse’s vehicle.

3. Video Recordings

Even in the age of video editing and deep fakes, there’s nothing more valuable than video evidence. They make video cameras so small these days. Just think about the one in your smartphone. You can purchase spy cameras and set them up in strategic locations where a spouse may frequent. Some of these cameras you can even monitor in real-time while some record only.

4. Audio Recordings

As small as some video surveillance cameras are, you still need to get the right angle. If your spouse moves outside of the frame, the activity is lost. The next best thing is audio. More affordable, small microphones can be installed anywhere. You can set them to record 24/7. Capture it all and find out if your spouse is truly being honest. A microphone will capture every word. This is far easier than hacking into your spouse’s smartphone with incognito spy apps.

5. Their Computer

Unless your spouse is meticulously careful, inevitably you will have opportunity to log onto their computer. Wait for your chance. When you log on, you may think ‘browser history’. There are better places to look though. Most people leave passwords or automatic log-ins on their computer.

Log onto their social media profiles, email, and bank accounts. If it’s available, write down their password so that you can log in again at a later date. In these accounts, go to messages and look at their accounts. You may find all that you need to prove their guilt or innocence.

6. Wireless Internet Use

If they’re using smartphone data, you can’t monitor that. That said, any time they’re browsing wirelessly on your home internet, you can see what they’re doing. Tap into your wireless router settings. There, you will find a web traffic log of every website that’s been accessed. If you are suspicious your spouse may be accessing websites they shouldn’t be using, your router’s a document you can look at any time.

7. Joint Accounts

Think about any joint accounts you may have with them. For joint bank accounts or phone accounts, you can call customer service and ask them to recount account activity. If you are aware of common PIN numbers they like to use, you can also gain access to their information through a call to customer service.

As with other methods on this list, you do run the risk of eventually getting caught spying. Therefore, weigh the risk v. reward. If you suspect other approaches are more likely to dig up something, go for those instead.

8. Set A Trap

If you’re fully convinced your spouse is cheating, being honest, or that there’s a high likelihood they’re doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, set a trap. If you don’t trust them, consider hiring someone to catch him in the act. This one’s a big risk because it is possible your spouse isn’t cheating or being dishonest.

Chances are, if you set a trap, you run a high risk of getting caught yourself for spying on your spouse. It’s a Hail Mary and a last resort if you’re absolutely certain or just have a gut feeling that something is wrong.

9. Leave

Book a getaway for yourself. Go stay with family. Go on a trip with friends. Do something that eliminates you from the equation for a few days. Whatever you tell your spouse, make it convincing and logical. Consider staying at a hotel for a few days if you want to truly be discreet. Give your spouse the chance to be dishonest. Set up a camera, voice-activated recorders, and other surveillance equipment you have.

While you’re away, this is the test. If they’re doing something they aren’t supposed to, there’s a high likelihood they will bring it home with them. You’re gone. There’s no reason to hide. This is a better alternative than setting a trap through someone else because the risk is far, far lower that you will be discovered.


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