Popular Types of Flowers: Top 12 Women’s Favorite Flowers

Popular Types of Flowers: Top 12 Women’s Favorite Flowers

Women love flowers. When they see a flower, the need to touch and smell it is irresistible. For centuries, women have been decorating their home and themselves with flowers. They have their favorite flowers at the dinner table, flowers on their hair; even the clothes they wear are decorated with flowers.

A critical day in most women’s love affair with flowers is on 14 February when it is almost treasonable not to give a woman a bunch of roses (or at least one rose) on Valentine’s Day. Below are 12 popular types of flowers the woman in your life will relish.

1. Orchids

These are some of the most exotic, mysterious and elegant flowers a woman can receive. Orchids come in a variety of colours and shapes; from the very small, measured in millimetres, to the huge ones that are over two meters in height. Since they are expensive and rare, when you give an orchid to a woman, the message you pass is that you value the relationship. Orchids can also express other emotions such as pride and elegance.

2. Roses

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. This is perhaps informed by the fact that they express one of the strongest emotions on earth: love. They come in different colors. Some have small blooms while others open into large generous flowers. Roses are associated with love and desire, especially red roses.

They are what your woman will expect to receive on Valentine’s Day. A woman who gets a rose decodes the central message as that of love. When you send a woman a red rose, especially on Valentine’s Day, what you are in essence saying is “I love you.”

3. Tulips

Like roses, tulips also come in many sunny colors such as yellow and red. Tulips endure the winter as bulbs and burst into full bloom during summer, decorating fields with a generous splash of bright colours. When a woman gets tulips, the message communicated is that of happiness, a perfect and enduring love.

4. Carnations

Carnations derive their name from the Greek term, ‘dianthus,’ which means ‘heavenly flower’ or ‘flower of the gods.’ Carnations are usually used to express love, fancy or admiration. They are also used during significant occasions such as weddings. Their large and fluffy petals bloom very well.

5. Lilies

Lilies are many women’s favorite flowers. Lilies usually have large multicolored petals. They have a very exotic look, usually a white dominant color with red highlights. They express beauty in a unique way and demonstrate your infatuation with your woman.

6. Daisies

Daisies are summer flowers. Their scientific name is “bellies perennis”, which means “pretty everlasting”. They usually open their petals at dawn and close at night. As the name suggests, this flower expresses everlasting love, cheerfulness, and new beginnings.

7. Irises

The most common is the blue iris, which has a lovely blue color with yellow highlights. It expresses faith and hope. It tells the woman in your life that you have confidence in the future of your relationship with her.

8. Amaryllis

This flower is star-shaped with a dominant white petal with red or pink veins. The Latin name for it is amarysso, which means “to sparkle.” It tells a woman that her worth is equal to the stars in terms of beauty and elegance.

9. Lilacs

Lilacs are small flowers with round-shaped petals. They look like a four-leaf clover. As you might know, the four-leaf clover is associated with luck. The lilac flower expresses naivety and innocence. It says you are full of life and are inquisitive about things and events.

10. Heather Lavender

This is a purple flower with a very distinct fragrance. It is usually found on a stalk with multiple bell-shaped petals. In the olden days, the heather lavender was used as a fragrance for perfumes and for lining the floor in the winter and spring. They express admiration, beauty and protection. This lets the woman in your life know that her safety is your concern and a priority.

11. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas have small petals that are compact and elegant. They feature a variety of colors; from pinks, purples, blues and reds. They bloom in the summer and are big fluffy stalks with many petals. They express heartfelt emotions such as gratitude or understanding. They let a woman know you are thinking of her even when you are not around.

12. Daffodils

Daffodils have long stalk star-shaped petals. The yellow leaves bloom during summer. They express rebirth and eternal life. It lets the woman in your life know your relationship is permanent and will endure the test of time.

For women, flowers represent emotions. When someone gives them a flower, the reaction is usually an emotional one depending on the occasion. They associate flowers with different feelings and emotions. Flowers can express interest, love, joy, happiness, and sadness.

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