July 2, 2015

Things I learned at the amusement park

This week I went to an amusement park with the girls. Brian had meetings to attend, so I was going it alone. While the girls rode most of the rides themselves, I had lots of time to be contemplative. 

First, I learned that I lose all control of my mouth, specifically my vocal editing skills I still cuss like a sailor when I'm on rides. 

Second, I learned that some rides take me back to where I was teeny or even thirty years ago.  The rocking pirate ship? I feel like I'm 13 again riding it with my aunt Kay. 

Third, I learned that regardless of how young the rides make me feel, the park--specifically the park patrons--make me feel old. The kids running around being cool are so young! The good news (?) is that things like jams and Flock Of Seagulls hair is back. Yay. 

And finally, I learned that if you wear a cool shirt from Big Foot Creative (http://www.bigfootcreative.net) you'll not only stay cool on the hottest day of the summer so far, but you'll meet a lot of nice people who tell you they like your shirt. They might even put their fingers on their heads and reenact the Tatonka scene from "Dances With Wolves."

Even if Bigfoot Creative hadn't given me this shirt, I would've bought it because it's not only fun, but it's comfortable, cool and smooth. Check them out! They have tons of fun designs.  

March 2, 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Momma

The number wasn't in my contacts, but I recognized it as the school number. I swiped my thumb to answer the phone because curiosity is a strong influence and said hello.

"Momma! Where's Daddy? He's supposed to be here to pick me up, and Mrs. H says she can't leave me here unsupervised and Daddy's not here and I have no idea what to do." Hadley said all of this without taking one single breath.

"And you've tried to call Daddy?"

"Yes, Momma. Geez."

I assured her I'd call him and develop a plan for her.

I attempted to call Brian and left three voice mails. I knew for a fact the he hadn't turned the sound back on even though I've told him time and again that when the final bell goes off at school, he should turn his sound back on.

Then I  called my friend Dawn--we have adjoining rooms at school.

"Are you still at school?" I asked.

"In your room even," Dawn replied.

I explained that Hadley was waiting for Brian who was seemingly MIA--even though I hoped he was picking up Briley, even though it'd been over twenty-minutes since Briley got out of school, which was plenty of time for Brian to pick her up and return to Hadley. I knew this first-hand.

Dawn said I could send Hadley up to her and Mrs. H could go home and Brian could get Hadley from Dawn.

Finally I called Mrs. H back and told her to send Hadley to Dawn. I turned my phone off yet again and tossed it into my purse, which was sitting a chair adjacent to where I was waiting. For the doctor. The gynecologist to be exact.

No, this was not my gyno's table. Mine is country rose. Photo Source

All of this was done while wearing a sheet and waiting to put my feet in the stirrups.

A mom is never off duty.

Oh yeah ... Brian picked up Hadley & Briley and somehow, without his phone turned on, made it home with both of our kids.

February 23, 2015

Maybe it's the carbon monoxide talking ...

Let's just start with a cliché: when it rains it pours.

Let's do another one: you don't know what you've got until it's gone. 

Hows about one more: it's always darkest before dawn. 

What am I talking about? Our week. Yes, I know it's only Tuesday, but it's been L O N G so far. I'm trying hard to spin it positively in my mind.

Sure, our car is not running and no one seems to know the issue ... But! At least we have my mom's van to drive. And! The car didn't crap out in the middle of a dark highway without cell service. 

We currently have no heat ... But! We have a well-insulated roof over heads and neighbors who've loved on us when they didn't have to. And! We have a home warranty that keeps our costs relatively low. 

And our front bathroom floor indicates that we have leak--somewhere. But! We have two other toilets we can use. 

Our cats are keeping me awake all night long. But! They've caught four mice. 

Our gas logs are refusing to light. But! We have space heaters courtesy of our heat guy and neighbors. 

See? I'm finding the positive. 

Last night, as I went in a fruitless search for electric blankets, I ran into an acquaintance. He listened to my lamintations, then responded, "There but for the grace of God go I."

I smiled, but really, it's a sad response. The heart of the saying has good intentions and implies a thankfulness from the speaker. 

On the flip side, the core of the message implies that I have these maladies because I am not embraced with grace. 

If I may mix my metaphors, I cry B.S..

To return to my cliches, our circumstances are just the way the cookie crumbles ... 

And a funny thing about cookie crumbs: they come from something sweet and satisfying and are hard to sweep away. 

Much like the Grace of God ... Which is what will surround us always and in all circumstances. 


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